A Single Mom of 13 Kids Gave Birth to Quadruplets at 65, and Got Slammed by Critics for This

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7 months ago

Annegret Raunigk, a mother of 17, astonished the world with her announcement last year that she had undergone fertility treatment and was expecting four children at the age of 65. However, people have divided between admiration for her resilience and bewilderment regarding how she would manage to raise the children at her advanced age.

Annerget has 17 children at the age of 65.

A 65-year-old German woman has successfully delivered quadruplets through artificial insemination. Annegret Raunigk gave birth to three boys and a girl via Caesarean section.

Notably, Annegret Raunigk, who already had 13 children and seven grandchildren, now holds the distinction of being the world’s oldest woman to have given birth to quadruplets. Her story first garnered significant attention when the press revealed the extraordinary news of her quadruple pregnancy. At that time, she mentioned that her decision to have another child was influenced by her youngest daughter’s desire for a little brother or sister, who was nine years old.

She was shocked to know she was pregnant with quadruplets.

Raunigk, whose oldest daughter is 44, expressed her initial shock when doctors first informed her of the quadruplet pregnancy. However, she made it clear that she never considered reducing the number of embryos and faced the challenge with unwavering determination.

“I’m not actually afraid. I simply assume I’ll remain healthy and fit. In matters of organization I have enough experience, that’s not new for me,” she said. Notably, Raunigk had already made headlines a decade ago when she gave birth to her 13th child, Lelia, at the age of 55.

She shared her perspective with reporters, saying, “At first, I only wanted one child. Not all were planned. But then things happen. I’m not a planner but rather spontaneous. And children keep me young.”

People accused the woman of being irresponsible.

Raunigk faced accusations of acting irresponsibly due to the fact that she will be over 70 years old when the quadruplets reach school age. Nevertheless, she has chosen to dismiss the criticism, asserting, “You can never know what will happen. Things can also happen to you when you’re 20. It’s up to each individual to decide when they become a parent.”

Throughout her pregnancy, she expressed the belief that everyone should have the freedom to lead the life they desire. When questioned about any concerns, Ms. Raunigk stated her confidence in maintaining her health and fitness, emphasizing that she was not preoccupied with the opinions of others.

Not all clinics do IVF for older women due to social reasons.

Doctors mention that not all clinics actually offer IVF treatment to women over the age of 50, primarily for social reasons. “We have to consider the welfare of the child when making a decision,” a doctor says. It’s ultimately up to individual clinics to determine whether a woman, who at the age of 65 might reasonably expect to live for another 20 years or so, should be eligible for treatment.

“There is no regulation that says you can’t treat a woman older than a certain age. There is no upper age, but you will need to take into account the welfare of the child,” doctors add.

Although Annegret Raunigk is the world’s oldest woman to have given birth to quadruplets, she is not the oldest one to give birth. Another woman from India became a mom at 72 despite doctors’ comments that she is too old.

Preview photo credit RTL / Pfeiffer, RTL / Pfeiffer


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