A 72-Year-Old Mom Gave Birth to Her First Baby Despite Doctors Saying “She Is Too Old”

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10 months ago

We’d like to introduce the couple who shared 47 years of life together before embracing the arrival of a joyful and thriving baby boy into their family. This incredible occurrence marked the woman as India’s oldest woman to give birth. While medical experts had strong reservations, she chose to go ahead anyway.

AFP / East News

After an amazing adventure of being married for 47 years, the now 79-year-old Daljinder Kaur achieved something incredibly special. She became a mother at the age of 72 to a healthy baby boy, the wonderful result of 2 years of determined effort to have a baby.

AFP / East News

During that period, they felt a strong push to begin their own family. While many folks might have just gone along with what life handed them and given up on having kids, Daljinder and Mohinder didn’t let go of their dream. They kept hoping for a child.

In 2013, Daljinder decided to go to the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Centre to try IVF treatment. It worked, and she became pregnant, turning their dream into reality.

AFP / East News

In the beginning, the experts at the fertility clinic had doubts about giving Daljinder treatment due to her age. Dr. Anurag Bishnoi, sharing his thoughts with the press, mentioned, “I first tried to avoid the case because she was very weak, but then her medical reports were normal, and she was fit to conceive.”

He added, “Our track record handling IVF in older women has been fairly good, but not everyone is fit to conceive. In her case, she looked visibly frail too, so I had to refer her to a cardiologist to get clearance for the procedure and for a battery of other tests.”

AFP / East News

Even though the doctors had a different view, Daljinder held onto her belief in herself and her desire for a child. Her determination proved to be worth it in the end.

Once she achieved motherhood, she couldn’t hide her happiness. She expressed, “I can live happily now. My life is complete.” With this remarkable twist in her life, she became India’s oldest woman to ever give birth.

You might think that Daljinder’s story is one of a kind, but that’s not the case. These cases are extremely rare, but there are other women like her. For example, Rajo, who went from her humble beginnings in a small village in India to becoming one of the world’s longest-living mothers by having her first child at a very advanced age.

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