A Study Finds That in the Prehistoric Period, Women Were Hunters, and This Sheds a Whole New Light on Gender Roles

3 years ago

Humans began hunting over 2 million years ago and while men actively participated, research suggests that women were involved too. In fact, experts have found evidence indicating that a woman’s role in prehistoric hunting could be more prominent than we ever imagined.

The results of the finding have us at Bright Side intrigued and we’d love to share them with our audience.

The common belief can be a lie.

Anthropologists decided to find out who did more hunting in prehistoric times and if women were a part of it too, contrary to popular belief. They studied a 9,000-year-old ancient burial site in Peru called Wilamaya Patjxa and the bone structures discovered there.

Women could hunt as teenagers.

Among the remains of other hunters were those of a 17-19-year-old female. Her hunting toolkit, containing various expertly crafted hunting stone weapons, was found beside her. By how the tools were found and their condition, the experts concluded that she must have been carrying them in a leather bag.

Traces of them were found spread across America.

Based on their findings and the evidence that already exists, the researchers saw a pattern and reviewed several other burial grounds in America. They found 429 individuals from 107 sites, 27 of them were sexed. Surprisingly, 11 of them were female hunters.

Hunting wasn’t just for men.

Experts have concluded that women actively participated in hunting in prehistoric times. Their contribution was not just limited to basic levels. In fact, according to them, hunting was fairly gender-neutral as the percentage of women hunters is estimated to be from 30 to 50%.

The evidence has always been there.

According to researchers who were not a part of the study, the evidence of prehistoric females hunting has always existed, but no one talks about it. After their babies would wean, women would step up to assist in hunts. This takes the debate on “gender roles” to a whole new level. Women were empowered back then and are empowered now.

Do you agree with the study and believe that prehistoric women could have been hunters? If not, what makes you think otherwise?


If this is true, then why is hunting today predominantly a male dominated sector? Considering all the advances in technology, hunting today is considerably easier then prehistoric times. You’d think that this would mean that more women would partake in hunting but that’s far from the truth.

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