A Stylist Does Gradient Hair Color, and the Results Are So Bright They Stand Out in the Crowd

2 years ago

Back in 1950, only about 7% of American women colored their hair, and by now this tendency has risen up to 75%. Hairstylists from all over the world now seem to be participating in a contest of creativity in order to do something with our hair to make us look into the mirror and utter a loud, “Wow!”

Here at Bright Side, we’ve come across the work of Ksenia Kisavna, a hairstylist who rocks hair coloring like a pro, making every hairstyle look bright and unique and helping her clients stand out from the crowd.

It all started as a hobby and grew into a real passion for color.

Ksenia is a completely self-taught artist, who mastered her first hairstyles on volunteers from her family, friends, and occasional models. Back in 2017, this bright and gradient hair color was becoming more and more popular, and she fell absolutely in love with gradient hair coloring techniques.

In her interview with Bright Side, the stylist admitted that her love for impressionism helps her build the multi-toned images that often appear on her clients’ manes. She said that one really needs a good feeling of color compatibility to be able to create multi-dimensional tones that will look nice together.

Her inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources.

Ksenia works both with mono-colors and multi-dimensional hair colors. She revealed that sometimes it’s harder to get a really smooth and consistent hair color when working with only one tone, rather than creating a gradient hairstyle with a combination of different colors.

While some of her fellow stylists get their inspiration from trendy styles in posh magazines, Ksenia prefers to turn to nature and art in search of new ideas for her future hairstyles. She says that no human being can be compared to nature when creating really stunning color combinations that could be later recreated on the hair of her thankful customers.

Being a mom pushes the artist to the new horizons in creativity.

In 2020, Ksenia became a mom for the second time, and now she can inspire moms from all over the world with the energy that she draws from motherhood. Her older daughter became the initial kick for her career, and her newborn son now gives her that additional push to think deeper and be even more intricate when doing her hairstyles.

Bonus: Simple yet effective hair care advice from the stylist

In her interview with Bright Side, Ksenia says that hair care oils aren’t very good at moisturizing. She advises using non-washable hair sprays and taking better care of your hair nutrition daily. Instead of applying hair oil to mask dry hair, try solving the source of the problem.

Do you dye your hair? What is a hairstyle that you’d like to try in the future but are still hesitating and thinking about?

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