A Teacher Asked Her Students to Color a Picture of a Hat Only to Surprise Them With Their Creation

6 months ago

In a classroom where learning meets fun, a teacher came up with a cool idea to see what her students could do with a simple picture of a hat. Little did the students know that their coloring adventure would lead to an awesome surprise.

Mrs. White made her students color a drawing of a hat.

Mrs. White, known as teachingwithmrswhite on TikTok, is one of those cool teachers everyone loves. She does this “life of a teacher” thing on TikTok and recently shared a video that got everyone talking. In the video, Mrs. White’s second-grade students had the best reaction to a surprise gift she arranged for them.

The teacher decided to add an extra layer of magic to her students’ art project. Asking her students to color a simple picture of a hat for what they believed was a bulletin board display, she secretly hatched a plan with her mom. Contrary to the kids’ expectations, the teacher, with a touch of white lie, approached her talented mom, who skillfully transformed the colorful drawings into real, knitted winter hats. Each hat was crafted to match the unique hues the students had chosen for their drawings.

The hats were a Christmas present for her students.

The knitted hats weren’t just any ordinary gifts; they were a heartwarming Christmas surprise from Mrs. White to her students. Dressed in a festive Christmas sweater, she joyfully shared the moment on video, capturing the genuine excitement in her students’ reactions. In a simple caption that said, “Finally gave my students their Christmas presents!”

She went viral and showed all the hats on a video.

The video of Mrs. White surprising her students with the knit hats gained unprecedented traction. Amassing over 40 million views, the teacher decided to create a series of follow-up videos. She responded to a myriad of questions that flooded in.

One recurring query was about the absence of pompons on top of the hats. Additionally, viewers demanded a closer look at all the unique hats created by the students. Mrs. White generously showcased each hat in a subsequent video, providing her online audience with a detailed glimpse into the diverse creations that brought joy to her classroom.

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Preview photo credit teachingwithmrswhite / Tiktok


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