A Transgender Couple Sheds “Tears of Joy” as They Give Birth to Their First Baby

The Indian transgender couple, Paval and Zahad, have gone viral after they shared a photo shoot of their pregnancy on social media some time ago. And it immediately became the talk of the town, with opinions divided and hot debates in the comments. But the happy couple went on with their pregnancy, and recently, they’ve become happy parents to their first baby. Let’s find out how many challenges they had to endure before they heard the first little cries of their beloved newborn.

The couple went above and beyond to make their dream come true.

Giving birth to a baby is a huge milestone for those in the South Asian nation. Transgender people have to face various stigmas, though they’ve been officially recognized as a “third gender” since 2014.

Ziya Paval, who was born a man, and her partner, Zahad, who was assigned the female gender at birth, were in the middle of their hormonal therapy to change their genders when they conceived.

“Finally, the wait is over, we are thrilled to welcome the new member,” the couple announced recently. Zahad is the first trans man to give birth to a baby, and Ziya said they would ask hospital authorities to register her name as the mother and Zahad as the father.

Parenthood came with some challenges.

In her interview, Ziya shared the peculiar details about their first parenting experience. She said, “It was a C-section and the baby weighed 2.920 kg. It is wonderful. The father and baby are fine. We haven’t decided about gender yet.

Gynaecology department head Dr. C Sreekumar reported that both Zahad and the baby were in good health and could leave the hospital after some much-needed rest. He also added that the hospital authorities would receive expert advice on “registering role reversal and the gender of the newborn.”

The couple has become an inspiration for so many.

When they first announced their pregnancy, the couple received tons of support from netizens. People showered them with congratulations on their social media pages. “Trans people deserve family,” wrote transgender actress S. Negha in response to their post.

Since the announcement of the baby’s birth, congratulations were even more intense, and people were really happy to find out the good news.

Zahad is planning to go back to work after two months as Ziya will take care of the baby.

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I wish them all the success and very best that life has to offer. I hope their lives are filled with joy 😊


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