15 People Who Managed to Catch Just the Right Moment

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Before we were able to take pictures with our phones with just the push of a button, capturing important moments was a long and arduous process. Now, it seems that we’re always aiming to photograph every minute of our day. Sometimes, these casual pictures end up catching very crucial moments. These 15 people’s instincts were so sharp, they were able to find exactly the right time to take that pivotal shot.

1. “IKEA is like a triathlon to a toddler.”

2. “How my colleagues cat Leon sleeps”

3. “The 2 men in my life napping”

4. “My tea residue looks like a sitting dog.”

5. “My tap’s water goes exactly through one of the sink holes.”

6. “Found a dead bee inside my honey.”

7. “I don’t think a photo has ever so perfectly captured my cat’s personality.”

8. “My kid and cat this morning”

9. “The cat my Dad didn’t want”

10. “I was taking a picture of this cloud that looks like a feather when a bird flew into the shot.”

11. “I have an uncanny resemblance to the Freya carving at EPCOT’s stave church.”

12. “A group of fungi growing out of the wall in my house.”

13. “My dad texts me and says my dog went missing, 20 minutes later he sends me this.”

14. “The way this tag frayed looks like my jacket has been inhabited by a large insect.”

15. “My cat sleeping upside down looks like an angry bunny.”

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#4 The pattern of the dog in the tea cup, The Grim from Harry Potter, hahaha 😆


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