A Video With Tom Cruise’s Cold Reaction to a Prank Still Gets Mixed Reactions Even Though It Happened 18 Years Ago

3 months ago

In the celebrity world things move faster than a rollercoaster and some moments just stick around. A video showing Tom Cruise’s icy-cool reaction after being pranked is still causing a stir. The resurfaced video sparked a lot of discussion, and we reveal what happened.

Tom attended an event in London.

Back in 2005, the actor was walking along the red carpet at the London premiere. The event was devoted to Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. Cruise paused for an intreview, eager to answer the reporter’s questions.

A man pulled a prank on Tom Cruise.

Channel 4 reporter was interviewing the actor. Tom was unaware that the microphone before him was actually a prop. Suddenly the mock microphone spritzed water across his face.

The actor didn’t like it.

Cruise shoved the fake microphone aside asking, “Why would you do that?” He pulled the man closer and repeated the question several times. “What’s so funny about that?” the actor inquired. He stared the reporter in the face saying, “It’s ridiculous!”

The reporter wanted to run away.

The man apologized and was about to leave, but Tom stopped him. The star continued, “You like doing mean things to people? Hey, hey, no, no, don’t run away. It’s incredibly rude. I’m here giving you an interview and answering your questions, and you do something really nasty.”

Some thought that was too much.

Some people thought that the actor took it too far and was overreacting. One user said, “Personally I’ve always found his emotions to seem insincere, like an alien doing an impression of a human,” someone added, “Tom grabbed his hand without asking for consent which is a huge boundary violation.”

Others believe Tom was right.

Another user explains, “He handles this really well. The fakest thing in the world would be to act like that was funny. He also doesn’t like to over do it and punch him in the face or anything which is also appropriate because it’s also not that big a deal.” Someone admits, “Tom Cruise can be a very strange dude, but in this case he is 100% correct.”

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I think he calmly scolded him for stepping over the line, the reporter was very disrespectful and Tom handled it pretty well, being famous doesn't mean you can be humiliated just for fun.

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