Hugh Jackman Shared a Rare Photo With His Sister, and People Are Calling Them Twins

3 months ago

“Wolverine and Wolverina” is how someone online referred to Hugh Jackman and his sister Zoe, after the actor surprised everyone with their photo together. It’s easy to understand why these 2 are taking the internet by storm with their resemblance.

Zoe is older than him.

On August 22, 2023, Hugh Jackman celebrated one of his sisters on Instagram, with a selfie of them spending quality time together. The X-Men star showed his appreciation in the post’s caption: “I am so grateful for my sister Zoe.”

The comment section was immediately flooded with remarks about how similar they look. “She looks just like you, or you look just like her,” one user wrote, whilst another called them “carbon copies” of each other.

Hugh and Zoe grew up in different countries.

He grew up in Australia alongside his brothers Ian and Ralph, all raised by their late father, Christopher Jackman, while she grew up in the UK with sister Sonya, raised by their mother, Grace McNeil. The arrangement that separated the 5 siblings all stemmed from their parents’ “traumatic” divorce.

It wasn’t until the actor was 12 or 13 years old that he realized his mother would never return, leaving Jackman to see his mother only “once a year” from then on. “I thought she was probably going to come back. And then it sort of dragged on and on,” he once recalled in an interview.

The Hollywood veteran and his mom have since mended their relationship, and in 2021, he shared photos of them hugging and laughing together.

Hugh Jackman is far from being the only celebrity to turn to Instagram when it comes to honoring loved ones. Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 1-year wedding anniversary with an emotional letter to her partner, Ben Affleck.

Preview photo credit thehughjackman / Instagram


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