A Woman Hits Back at People Shaming Her for Being Child-Free, «My Purpose Is Shopping»

2 months ago

While it is completely a personal preference to have kids or not, a woman is going viral for her stance on the matter. Proudly child-free, Stephanie hits back at the people who criticize women for not having kids. She explains what her «purpose» of life is instead of having children.

A personal choice for freedom.

Stephanie Noble, known on TikTok as @iamstephanienoble, embraces a life free of the responsibilities of parenthood. She cherishes her freedom, opting for tranquility and self-indulgence over the troubles associated with parenting.

Her stand against conventional expectations.

Stephanie boldly states that while motherhood is revered as a paramount role, it’s not a universal calling for all women. Her recent video, which has garnered nearly three million views, showcases her defense of a lifestyle devoid of children.

Frequently confronted with the probing question, «What’s your purpose?» Stephanie responds with confidence in a humorous take. She reveals she finds fulfillment in personal pleasures like manicures, shopping sprees, and the simple act of treating herself.

She shows off her latest acquisitions, a luxurious Goyard handbag and a cozy sweatsuit from Alo, which are a testament to her love for shopping. But it doesn’t end there; Stephanie is also an avid traveler and a connoisseur of restful naps, which she describes as delightfully amusing and deeply satisfying.

Her video was met with support by other women.

Despite facing detractors who question her life choices, Stephanie stands firm, countering their criticism with a spirited defense of her purposeful living without children. Meanwhile, her stance has resonated with many, earning her a chorus of support from fellow child-free individuals who celebrate their own fulfilling lives.

«SAME GIRL! 41. Child-free by choice. But I am a fur mommy,» commented a woman on the video. «I’m 63 and child-free by choice. It’s been a fantastic life!!! Married, own a ranch, travel!» added another. One woman also joked, «What’s my purpose? ME. Thank u».

Women who are child-free but not by choice also showed support to Stephanie. «It’s so hurtful when people say this. I’m child-free not by choice, so being told I have no purpose because I don’t have a child is so hurtful,» shared a woman.

In contrast, there is a woman who has 44 kids at the age of 43. Read her inspiring story here.


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