A Woman Joyfully Welcomes Her 100th Great-Grandchild Just Before Her 100th Birthday

9 months ago

Approximately only 0.02% of the population lives more than 100 years, and Marguerite Koller is almost one of them. Not only could she live that long, but she also met her 100th great-grandchild. The reunion was recorded, and the result is touching.

Meet Marguerite Koller, a 99-year-old woman who made the headlines for an emotional reason. Just before her 100th birthday, she was able to meet her 100th great-grandkid.

Peggy, as she likes to be called, married William Koller in 1942. Their love story led to the birth of 11 children. After 70 years of marriage, her husband passed away. But their legacy is still alive, with 56 grandchildren and 100 great-grandkids.

“I wanted to have a big family. I think it’s difficult being an only child. It’s lonely,” Peggy once said. That’s what we call a big family!

Now, with the birth of her 100th great-grandson, the family is even more complete. The baby boy was named after his great-grandmother, Koller William Balster. “First thing out of the hospital, we went to Grandmom’s and introduced her to Koller. She was absolutely ecstatic,” said Chrissy Balster, Koller’s mom.

Koller’s name has a special meaning to the baby’s father as well. Patrick Balster recalled, “I’ve always loved the name Cole. And Chrissy one day was like, ‘What about Koller?’ So we thought about it. Then we went Koller William, which William Koller was (Chrissy’s) grandfather’s name.”

Peggy’s family attributes her remarkable vitality to her deep family bond, keeping her youthful and vibrant. Greg Stokes, one of her grandsons, shared that she’s an inspiration, “To be the age she is and still going about it every day — it’s unbelievable.”

A supporting family is one of the best things a person could have. And growing up with a grandma around has its own special meaning. She keeps you warm, gives the best advice, and never allows you to leave her house hungry. We are sure Peggy is the best mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother she could ever be.

Preview photo credit NBC10 Philadelphia / Youtube


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