After Being Abandoned Twice Because of His Looks, This Dog With a Facial Deformity is Finally Getting the Love He Deserves

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According to statistics, about 1.5 million abandoned and neglected pets are euthanized each year. Beaux, an adorable labrador with a facial deformity, was bound to travel down that sad path until his human mom found him and decided to give him a forever home full of love, just as he deserved.

Bright Side believes Beaux’s story is truly inspirational and heartwarming. Here are the details for our readers.

Beaux had a tough life as a puppy.

Sharing his mother’s womb with 6 siblings, Beaux was born with a sunken cranium or a “squished face.” Even though the facial deformity has no ill effect on his abilities, no one was willing to buy the poor pup from the breeders. He was ultimately given away for free but that didn’t change his life for the better.

He was abandoned twice.

The couple who adopted Beaux neglected him and he was forced to be by himself in the backyard, tied up. He was shown no affection and was not treated for having fleas. Ultimately, when the owners decided to move, they put Beaux up for adoption after having him for 5 years and that’s when Jamie came across him.

Jamie took him in and showed him love for the first time in his life.

According to Jamie, when she went to see Beaux after reading about the adoption online, she was “horrified” at what she saw. He was extremely skinny, weighing only 42 pounds (19 kgs) and had worms.

They’re now inseparable.

She fell in love with the good boy and got him treated at once. Beaux had heartworm but weighed far too little to receive treatment. Jamie helped him through it all and even though the journey was slow, Beaux is now happier than he has ever been.

After facing neglect for years, Beux is finally getting the love he deserves. And just like all of us, he’s obsessed with tacos! He also has an older brother, Riley, who is 15 years old and they get along perfectly. He spends his time playing with his brother, driving around with his momma, and getting lots of sweet snuggles and belly rubs.

Have you ever adopted a dog? If you could tell Beaux one thing, what would it be?


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Emotional❤ and heartbreaking. It feels so bad to be left alone and especially from those who are so special to you.
I am happy for Beaux and we need more great people like Jamie who genuinely loves dogs not just based on their physical appearance. Lots of love for Jamie and Beaux from India. ?


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