An American Photographer Shows Behind the Scenes of His Work to Prove All of Us Can Make a Masterpiece

4 years ago

Getting a good photo requires a lot of work — you need a cool idea, a professional photographer, a bunch of assistants, and a pile of props to get an impressive shot. However, all this stuff usually stays behind the scenes. American photographer, Geo Leon, is one of those who decided to show not only his final masterpieces, but the process of their creation as well. And you know what? You can use his ideas and take a memorable photo yourself right after reading this article.

We at Bright Side have already tried out some of his photography ideas and want to inspire you to do the same.

1. “Sorry Dora, we burned your map.”

2. Pretty please, with a cherry on top.

3. Modern-day Princess Kitana

4. Bull’s eye

5. Some kawaii vibes in Disney Springs

6. Goes to Los Angeles. Still shoots flowers.

7. When I was younger, I used to sing in the shower, now I make life decisions.

8. Let’s roll the dice!

9. The random stick-your-body-out-of-the-car shot

10. Catch me in the grocery store like:

11. I don’t know what the concept is... but it’s a concept!

12. Hiding out from the AREA 51 guards

13. Dang... she hung up.

14. When the AREA 51 aliens invite you to board their ship!

15. A trip to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles

What was the best photo you have ever taken? We’re waiting for your masterpieces in the comments!

Preview photo credit Geo Leon / Instagram


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the most important is that their faces are not overly photoshooped, the rest is fine

4 years ago
This comment was too good to show it to everyone.

It's crazy how much filters and other editing can change to a picture


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