An Artist Created Photo Collages of Celebrities at Different Ages to Show How Fast Time Flies

2 years ago

Nostalgia is an emotion that helps us to get rest amid everyday problems. Artist Ard Gelinck gives us this opportunity by creating photo collages that depict celebrities at their youth and current age to show how fast time flies.

At Bright Side, we’re amazed at how fast everything changes, including the faces of our favorite celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston

Haley Joel Osment

Geri Halliwell

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Robert Downey Jr.

Matt LeBlanc

Jennifer Lopez

Courteney Cox

Lady Gaga

Kylie Minogue


Halle Berry

Celine Dion

Julia Roberts

Jason Momoa

Morgan Freeman

Justin Timberlake

Will Smith

Matthew Perry

Michael J. Fox

Robert De Niro

Mariah Carey

What makes you nostalgic? Tell us in the comments below.

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Preview photo credit ardgelinck / Instagram


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It's nice to know that some actually look like they've aged Normally and not just been sheep and joined the plastic party as so many others have. So: 👍😁👍😁👍😁👍😁👍😁👍😁


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