An Artist From Colombia Draws Comics That Can Get You Through the Toughest Times

2 years ago

Sometimes there is just no one around who can be there for you. Luckily, we found a magic cure for those who need to be uplifted today. The creator of Wawawiwa comics says that his drawings work like a big visual hug, that tickles you at the same time. And this looks like the best medicine for sadness, because who can’t help but smile when this is happening?

We at Bright Side decided to check and see if these comics are able to uplift the soul and we put together our top 20 favorites.

20. “Remember to help others!”

19. This is how autumn begins:

18. Expectation vs Reality

17. Mom and dad are always there for you.

16. We all need some support from time to time.

15. If you’ve ever wondered why.

14. A dream job looks like this:

13. “You’re so transparent.”

12. Sometimes you just need to take a bigger look.

11. A short guide on how to make the first move with someone you like:

10. All moms have the biggest hearts in the world.

9. Yes, we can feel it while looking at the screen.

8. “Apple, be careful! Newton might be falling from the tree!”

7. Just run as fast as you can and never look back.

6. We aren’t crying. You are!

5. Parents are just like this.

4. “What?”

3. We didn’t see this coming.

2. When it’s finally enough:

1. When stars are all around you, you just need to reach out and grab them.

Do you feel a bit better than before you started reading this article? Which comics stole your heart?

Preview photo credit wawawiwacomics / Instagram


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#12 made me think of how often we ignore the good that's around us because we're only focused in just one thing!


I love his style, these illustrations are just adorable ?


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