An Artist Illustrates Her Adult Life, and You May Recognize Yourself There Too

4 years ago

To most of us, adulthood just popped up out of nowhere. And while we’re realizing what’s going on while we are standing in the thick of it, Awkward Annie, an artist from the UK, draws comics that make fun of all the miseries of this journey. We suggest you forget about all the drama of being an adult, put on your favorite pajamas, and have a good laugh.

Bright Side chose 20 drawings that show everything we’ve been struggling to articulate about adulthood. Enjoy!





















Do any of these situations ring a bell with you? Do you enjoy being an adult?


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Well, I found some of illustrations true. But I have a different view: life is not full of problems and sorrow. Life also contains joy and happiness.

Imagine a white wall, so white that it's almost perfect from afar. Look it closer, and suddenly you find a black spot here, and more black spots there. Some spots are so tiny it's barely noticeable. Some others, however, are quite big.

Those black spots suddenly made the walls look bad, because we tend to exaggerate small things and forget that the entire wall is still almost perfectly white.

The wall is the representation of the life, it's white and clean, almost perfect. The spots and stains are the problems you face in your life, so often it's actually not that big (compared to the entire goodness the life had given you), but it's enough to make you look at is as the life itself.

If you're fair enough to the life, you should count how many days in your life that you feel happy and contented, and how many days you feel deprived and unhappy. Compare those days: good days vs unfortunate days. You will be surprised to find the percentage.

It's your choice to see your life as entirely in crisis, or you see so many silver lines on the clouds.

You are very lucky if you can have a warm bath in your bathtub. There are millions people in the world who don't have access to clean water for drinking, let alone throwing gallons of water just for soaking their bodies and relax.

You complain about paying student loan and forget how lucky you are for having a chance to borrow money for your high EDUCATION. There are millions of people who can't afford to go to elementary school.

You complain about Monday, and forget you're very lucky to still have a decent job or being employed. There millions of people who are unemployed or working as slave and becoming the victim of human trafficking.

You complain about having so many going out outfits, and a little time to be out. There are millions people in the world who can't afford to buy decent outfits and going out is merely a dream for them.

Getting older is not bad, it's a blessing. By getting older, you are given a chance to know what previously you didn't know.

Again, it's your choice to see your life as pile of problems or you see as a great chance to grow up as a human and feeling good at it.


Or just for the likes on the Internet People like to complain, after all. And other people will find it relatable and just put a big like on there :)


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