An Artist Sheds a Light on What Being a Mother Truly Means

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3 years ago

Roser Matas, is an illustrator and mother who knows very well what it means to be a mom, so much so that she has used her own experiences as inspiration to illustrate motherhood in a simple, honest, and fun way. Her work is about everything: from the sleepless nights spent with a baby who has endless energy, to discovering just how controlling we can become when it comes to the little person we love with all our hearts.

Bright Side understands how challenging it can be to be a mom, so we wanted to encourage you and inspire you by sharing the beautiful work of this artist to show you that you’re not alone in this!

1. “It’s clear what he wants, despite not speaking, he says it clearly.”

2. When you miss your loved one:

3. Pointing to the things he wants has become kind of a habit now...

4. “Sometimes changing a diaper is a struggle.”

5. “In the mornings, very early in the mornings, his energy is proportional to our sleepiness.”

6. “A lot of observation, sometimes worry, but the baby experiments, knows the textures, the colors. As long as he identifies something as edible, and finds where his mouth is...”

7. “Diapers, great invention! I’m really grateful for their existence ... but to get the first diaper out of the package, you need a crane!”

8. “When you try to feed him and he wants to experiment with the textures, colors, tastes, and touch...”

9. “I have realized that I am excessively controlling, it is so easy to be imperfect.”

10. “Sleeping with a baby is a very good experience, but a bit tiring for the back. Not for the heart, though.”

11. “The consequences of not cutting his nails”

12. “In this family, the baby isn’t the only one drooling.”

13. One of the best reasons to become left handed

14. This is pretty common... but still very happy about everything that is happening.

15. Born to be a parent

16. “I would like to be happy, but we still have to practice a little more.”

17. “Although I’m holding the most important thing in my arms, there is always something I need that is far from my hands.”

Can you relate to any of these situations? What other things would add to the list? Let us know in the comment section!


Absolutely beautiful! The one with

the baby following the hearts almost made me cry! I have 6 children... And one in heaven x
The pointing this is actually pretty neat if you think about it, they can't talk but they quickly find ways to communicate and still let us know what they really want
I love this so much! when your baby pulls your shirt down in public to get to the milk ☺

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