An Artist Turns Cats Into Adorable Giants That Conquer Both the World and Our Hearts

5 years ago

Obviously, there’s no such thing as a cat so huge that it could block traffic or chill on a cruise ship like it was a toy boat — although it would be fun! But people’s imaginations can run so wild that someone actually turns those things into reality, even if they’re only photos. Meet Fransdita Muafidin, who makes giant cats come alive on his Instagram page.

Bright Side is eager to introduce you to this incredibly sweet world of huge cats roaming the cities.

1. Every person going on vacation after a year of working is like:

2. This high-five probably won’t end well...

3. “Oh, I’m very sorry! I didn’t mean to...”

4. If you’ve ever wondered who keeps the windows clean...

5. Catzilla in the city!

6. Exactly how everyone feels when they’re stuck in traffic:

7. Just found itself a comfy spot.

8. It’s never a bad time for a little nap.

9. “I will give it to my hooman, he will be proud of me.”

10. “How do I get down?”

11. Lunchtime

12. And now The Great Wall of China seems to be completed!

13. “Hi there, welcome.”

14. Monday mood

15. When you’re all done:

16. “I’m not lazy, I just really enjoy doing nothing.”

17. Chillin’ in the sun

18. Policeman 1: “I won’t dare wake him up. Just let them be stuck in traffic.”
Policeman 2: “I agree.”

19. When you’re late for your cat business:

20. Just a kitty enjoying the sun and nice weather

Which one of the Catzillas is your forever favorite? State your choice in the comments!

Preview photo credit fransditaa / instagram


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