An Influencer Shows Us the Harsh Reality Behind Seemingly Perfect Images on Social Media

year ago

When scrolling down our Instagram feed, we may think that many people have an idyllic life. However, the reality is not like that. Those seemingly perfect pictures have a lot of work on them, from knowing the right angle to take the photo to your editing skills. Thai model Vienna has taken it upon herself to show us what lies behind a glamorous shot.

1. “The ideal photo vs the moment when you get on the inflatable”

2. “An Instagrammer who spends Halloween alone at home.”

3. “The ideal awakening vs the reality”

4. “Playing volleyball with someone you like vs with someone you don’t like”

5. “The Instagram picture vs the reality”

6. “I can now enjoy the summer.”

7. “When applying eyeliner — what you see in ads vs the reality”

8. “The ideal vs the reality of those photos taken by chance”

9. “Expectation vs reality when jumping into the pool”

10. “The ideal vs the reality of being with a good friend”

11. “If your pic under a tree on a heavy snow day is Instagrammable, that’s a big deal.”

12. “My boyfriend bought me some water.”

13. “Expectation vs reality on Instagram”

What kind of photos do you prefer to see when you use social networks? Do you know anyone who edits what they upload to their networks?

Preview photo credit ViennaDoLL / Twitter


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