After Her Dad Passed Away, a Star Athlete Took Holly to Her Father-Daughter Dance and Made Her Day

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Father-daughter dances are one of these precious memories that forever hold a special place in a girl’s heart. But things were different for 11-year-old Audrey, who had unexpectedly lost her dad. Despite everything, her mom, Holly Soape, was determined to create a magical moment for her daughter and show her that a bright glimpse of light can always appear even in our darkest times. What happened next was a dreamlike fairy tale that made this pre-teen smile again.

Bright Side wants to share with you a touching story that will bring you tears of joy and hope, and remind you that the good side of humanity can be so bright.

A tween facing double heartbreak

2021 was a tough year for Texas-born Audrey, who unexpectedly lost both her dad and grandad. In order to cheer her daughter up during the upcoming father-daughter dance, her mom had the brilliant idea to reach her little girl’s favorite football player, Philadelphia Eagles free safety Anthony Harris. She said, “I just asked if he would be willing to come.” The athlete star had the sweetest response she would’ve ever expected.

A glimpse of light in the darkness

When Harris heard Holly’s story, his answer was, “Not only will I come, but I want to make sure she feels like a princess.” And he kept his promise to the word, making sure his young fan had a night to remember. The sportsman got her the dress of her dreams, arranged for a professional stylist to do her hair and makeup, and had a car to drive her to the appointments. And when the long-awaited evening arrived, he was there at her doorstep waiting for her with a corsage to escort her to the dance in the most perfect way.

A night to remember

Later on, when asked about the experience, the little girl admitted that “I was very nervous because I didn’t know what I was going to say.” She added, “At first, it was kind of awkward because we weren’t talking yet... But then he kind of came up and started talking to me.” Afterward, Harris even took time and met Audrey’s younger brother.

Turning a horrible tragedy into a triumphant moment

Harris’ gesture indeed meant the world to the grieving family, but it also touched the world as the story went viral. Afterward, when the star was praised for his action, he simply said: ’’Just trying to be a human." He then added these treasured words, “You gotta cherish these moments. You never know how long we have here on this Earth. So, the people that you care about, and you love, show support for them.”

The worst thing for a parent is to see their child miserable, and as Holly noted, “We would all do anything for our kids when we see them suffering.” She added, “To know that there are people out there who will be there for your kids and for you, it’s really encouraging. And it sort of turned this horrible tragedy into this triumphant moment.”

After all, we all go through tough times, and a helping hand from a friend or even a stranger can give us the strength and hope we desperately need in order to continue our journey. And this is exactly what Harris did for this lovely family.

What do you think about this adorable story? Have you ever been there for someone during a really tough time?


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