The Intriguing Story That Stays Behind Angelina Jolie’s Gifts to Her Ex-Husbands

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Angelina Jolie, a renowned actress and humanitarian, has always been known for her unique and expressive ways of demonstrating love. Her penchant for symbolism is exemplified through the exquisite necklaces she created for her ex-husbands. Each piece of jewelry tells a story, encapsulating the depth and intricacies of the relationships she shared.

Angelina Jolie didn’t give Billy Thornton a necklace full of blood in reality.

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Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton made headlines for wearing necklaces with each other’s blood when they were married. However, Thornton, now 68, shared later that the media exaggerated the significance of their blood-filled necklaces.

According to Thornton, the entire concept was straightforward and innocent. He explained that they decided to poke their fingers with a pen, smear a little blood on a necklace, and wear it when they were apart.

The media exaggerated the story.


It was a simple and personal gesture between the couple to feel connected when they couldn’t be together. However, when the media covered the story, it made it sound like they were walking around with a bucket of blood hanging from their necks. In reality, the blood-filled necklaces were a lighthearted and sentimental idea that got blown out of proportion in the media, making it seem more dramatic than it actually was.

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In days of old, Brad Pitt proudly showcased a special gift from his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie—a diamond pendant etched with a microscopic love note. The Hollywood star, then 47 was caught at Los Angeles International Airport, donning a sleek black t-shirt, exuding a cheerful demeanor for the eager cameras.

Once known for exchanging quirky blood vials with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton, Jolie opted for a different token of affection for her love. She commissioned London jeweler Robert Procop to craft a six-figure diamond pendant, bearing a hidden message, engraved beyond the naked eye’s perception.

Egyptian amulets inspired Angelina to create a necklace for Brad Pitt.


The contents of Angelina’s billet doux remain a closely guarded secret. Procop teased, “I can’t tell you what it says, and you would need a microscope to read it.”

Inspired by Ancient Egyptian amulets with concealed messages, the pendant becomes a timeless symbol of love, connecting the modern couple with echoes of the past. In this simpler time, at the age of 35, Angelina gifted Brad a piece that transcends eras, blending the mystique of ancient civilizations with the enduring charm of heartfelt gestures.

Angelina decided to start her jewellery line.

When Brad Pitt proposed to Angelina Jolie, it was dedicated months of collaborating with the couple’s exclusive jeweler, Robert Procop, to craft the engagement ring of her dreams. Fast-forward one year, and it’s now Angelina’s turn to partner with Robert as she unveils her own line of timeless jewelry Style of Jolie.

The collection harks back to an era of bold and breathtaking accessories, showcasing a pear-shaped citrine and gold necklace alongside rose gold and emerald earrings. Among the array, emeralds take center stage as the most frequently featured gemstone, with subtle glimpses of other stones, including the sparkling elegance of diamonds, interwoven throughout.

Through her artistic expression, Angelina Jolie has left a lasting mark on the world, showcasing that love can be different as the jewelry she designed.

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