Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito Meet Up Is the Reunion We Didn’t Know We Needed

6 months ago

After nearly 35 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, the iconic “twins,” reunited in a heartwarming moment captured on Instagram. The photo features Schwarzenegger alongside DeVito and DeVito’s daughter, Lucy DeVito, on the set of their Broadway play, I Need That.

Expressing his joy, Schwarzenegger referred to DeVito as “my brother” and praised the Broadway production in his caption. He commended the entire cast for keeping the audience entertained and expressed eagerness to collaborate again, emphasizing the play’s exceptional quality and heartfelt nature.

The duo, famous for their roles in the 1988 hit Twins, where they portrayed genetically engineered fraternal twins, had plans for a sequel titled Triplets. Unfortunately, the project faced delays after the original movie’s director, Ivan Reitman, passed in February 2022. The sequel would have involved discovering that the brothers are triplets, with Eddie Murphy initially linked to the cast.

However, in a recent update, Schwarzenegger revealed that the Triplets project had been halted by Jason Reitman, Ivan’s son, following his father’s death. Despite this setback, Schwarzenegger and DeVito are actively working on a new project together, citing their enjoyment of each other’s company and shared talent.

While discussing his role in I Need That, DeVito hinted at an ongoing collaboration with Schwarzenegger, emphasizing their strong friendship and complementary dynamic. Although not directly related to Twins, this project represents the creative synergy and camaraderie between the two friends.

As I Need That concludes its run at New York City’s Todd Haimes Theatre, the enduring bond between Schwarzenegger and DeVito continues to captivate fans, promising more exciting collaborations in the future.


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