Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Ex-Wife Reunited in Being Grandparents, and Their Care for Each Other Continues to Triumph

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s love is stronger than ever; they may be apart, but their hearts are completely focused on their children. Despite the conflicts and judgments, the support and care they provide are out of this world. Their roles as parents and grandparents are more defined.

The start of a blissful journey

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver met in 1977 when a TV news anchor introduced her to the athlete at a tennis tournament. Both were in different worlds, as Arnold was only 20 with 5 titles as Mr. Universe under his belt, while Maria was pursuing a career in journalism. As he made a lot of notable films during his young years, Maria was slowly making her way to the CBS News team.

Years after, they got married in April 1986 in Massachusetts before an estimated 500 guests. On this special day for both families, they shared laughter and good memories together as they enjoyed the festivities and the clear milestone in their lives.

A growing family filled with wonder and love

Both partners loved and cared for each other, which bloomed into their first child. Katherine was born in December 1989, but her parents wanted a bigger family. That’s why, over the next years, their family grew and grew. In July 1991, Christina was born followed by 2 boys, born in 1993 and 1997, Patrick and Christopher.

They all shared a great bond by experiencing many vacations and parties together, and they even had many of these times captured on camera. The family was complete and in bliss, and they shared their special moments in every way possible.

When fate decided to go against them

Even though they were once a family that was filled with love and care and were a power couple in Hollywood, Arnold and Maria announced that they were getting a divorce. They mentioned that their 4 kids were the light and center of their lives and they’d continue to work together as parents for their children in the future.

Separated but reunited with their children

Despite the incident, both parents still kept a close relationship with their children. When it comes time to celebrate birthdays and special occasions, they are always present. It shows the respect and love they have for their kids. And though some say the love of Arnold and Maria may not be mutual, we can see that their love is equally distributed among the family members.

Pure love and respect for the family

Not only that, but they celebrated Arnold’s birthday in 2020 as a complete family with a table full of cakes and gifts. They still show love and mutual understanding and continue to bond with their children even though all of them are already adults and some are married. It’s a kind of love that is hard to replace.

They have new roles as grandparents.

Their eldest, Katherine, had her first child, making Arnold and Maria grandparents. Katherine mentioned that both of them love being grandparents. Since it’s a new role for them to have, they might make mistakes, but still, they are overjoyed.

But the love does not stop, as Katherine and Chris welcome their second child. Arnold and Maria couldn’t be happier, as the family keeps growing.

Until the end, being parents never left their hearts.

Arnold and Maria became grandparents, and they are ecstatic. They continue their journeys separated but will always be there to support their children. There will never be a dull moment in their family because every moment is priceless and precious. With Arnold and Maria, their love is all for their children, and they always are hands-on, keeping everyone as tight-knit as possible.

Do you love the bond between Arnold and Maria and their family? Are you excited to see more moments with them being grandparents? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit PHOTOlink/Everett Collection/East News, katherineschwarzenegger/Instagram


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