As Jennifer Love Hewitt Turns 44, She Admits That She Feels “Insecure About Aging”

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The actress celebrated her forty-fourth birthday by sharing a makeup-free selfie and an honest message that came straight from the heart. Hewitt opened up about her blessings as well as the struggles she faces at times as she grows older.

She’s reflecting on her life.

The Ghost Whisperer actress who woke up at 4 a.m. posted an all-natural selfie that showed her flawless skin. She accompanied the photo with a message where she expressed how she ’’felt deeply grateful, blessed, happy’’ but also ’’sometimes insecure’’ about aging.

The actress also made sure to mention her late mother, Patricia, saying, ’’Thank you mom for giving me life. I miss you so much.’’

The mother of 3 then went on to gush about her ’’incredible babies’’ and husband, writing, ’’To the most handsome and awesome man.’’

The proud mama continued sharing that her son, Atticus, 7, ’’got up way too early’’ to sing her “Happy Birthday,” which made her heart melt.

She then concluded her heartfelt message by wishing a ’’great day’’ to her 1.3 Instagram followers.

She’s struggling with aging.

This isn’t the first time Hewitt has brought up the subject of aging. Last year, she posted another makeup-free, unfiltered selfie, in which she wrote about growing older in the public eye.

Alongside the photo, she shared her honest thoughts, saying, ’’Aging is weird.’’

Wow, love your fresh make-up free look... you are even more beautiful and I can see more of your genuineness.

Of course, I also love the look of your 'made-up' look because frankly, you are drop dead gorgeous and have a great look either way.

But mainly, you can see your personality and kindness in the photo, completely independent of your physical beauty.


She then addressed her fans for whom she is grateful, and noted, “Growing up with you guys over 33 years has been amazing.”

The actress also admitted that she uses filters on some of her social media photos. “They are so fun, but they also can be really hard because you can forget to feel good about your real face,” she explained.

Hewitt then concluded, “Maybe I just need to be better at the balance,” referring to the use of filters.

She needed a break from social media.

And at a certain point previously, Hewitt had decided to completely stop posting on social media for a brief period.

In fact, back in 2021, when she welcomed her third child at the age of 42, she shared that she was going to take a 2-week break from social media in order to ’’reset’’ and be more “active.”

The devoted mama revealed that she was planning to focus more on ’’workouts, breathing, manifesting, time with my kids and husband.’’ She also explained that social media made her ’’feel bad sometimes’’ by making her feel like she “wasn’t enough” or wasn’t “doing enough.”

We agree that we all need some time off to focus more on our well-being. And we applaud Hewitt for taking great care of herself as she grows old with grace.


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I have always enjoyed her films and TV shows. I hope she will continue to put her family and herself first, she needs to be feeling her best self to be able to give anything to her career for us to enjoy. She's a beautiful woman and I hope she takes whatever time she needs away from social media to ensure that she feels this way inside and out. I wish her and her family the very best.


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