As Jodie Foster Turns 60, Here Are the 5 Reasons Why She Embraces Aging With Such Elegance

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As she turns 60, actress and director Jodie Foster embodies the idea of aging with grace. Having started her career at just 3, the star is no stranger to fame, yet her own lifestyle and philosophy have always been so far from the glitz and glam of Hollywood. And with each of her performances and public appearances, Jodie sets a perfect example of what it means to be confident, true to yourself, and comfortable in your own skin as you age.

She keeps her lifestyle down to earth.

Despite having started to act from a tender age and then becoming one of the top actresses of her era, Foster has never allowed fame to go to her head. She once confessed, ’’I made a decision at a very young age that I would try to live the same life even if my career had its ups and downs.’’

The 2-time Oscar winner added, “I don’t believe fluctuations with your money should have anything to do with your personality.” She explained that she promised herself to always keep on doing normal daily things like driving her own car or doing her own laundry, no matter how famous she got.

Plastic surgery is not for her.

Opting for cosmetic interventions to enhance her appearance is something Foster will never do. She insists, "It’s not my thing.’’ But also added, ’’I don’t have anything against it for other people.’’

In fact, the actress proudly owns up to her ’’imperfections’’ and refuses to go under the knife just to follow today’s beauty ideals. She said, ’’I’d rather have somebody go, ‘Wow, that girl has a bad nose’ than ‘Wow, that girl has a bad nose job.’’’
Foster further explained, ’’I’d rather have a comment about who I am than about something that identifies me as being ashamed of who I am.’’

She firmly believes that “Less is more.”

Adam Scull/PHL/MPI/CapitalPictures/EAST NEWS

Jodie’s own makeup artist revealed that the actress always prioritizes simplicity. In fact, during all of her red-carpet appearances, we can easily see that Foster is glamorous and elegant without looking as if she’s trying too hard.
Her makeup professional explained, ’’With Jodie, less is more. She’s one of those women that looks better with less makeup. She has such a casual style.’’

Growing old doesn’t scare her.

UK-team/KCS/East News

While we might think that aging is something most actresses dread, Foster embraces it with open arms and is even looking forward to it.
The star explained, ’’I’m super-excited to be acting in my 60s and 70s. I think the roles will be so much more interesting!’’

She even adds a little humor and explains that she is glad that aging will keep some undesired roles at bay. She once jokingly said, “I don’t have to worry about being the ingenue or cast as Tom Cruise’s girlfriend.”

She refuses to hide her grey hair.

Invision/Invision/East News

Just like several other women in Hollywood, Foster is flaunting her grey hair and looking fabulous on the red carpet with her untouched silver strands. As a result, she’s proving to the world that grey hair is beautiful, and that embracing it doesn’t mean that a woman has become less desirable or less successful.

The recent characters that she’s playing on the big screen are also helping to support the idea that women don’t necessarily have to dye their hair. For example, in her 2021 movie The Mauritanian, Jodie’s stylish, grey-haired character proves that grey doesn’t mean old or lackluster.

Do you agree with Jodie Foster’s views on life? Do you have any personal rules when it comes to aging?

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