“Big Guy” Used to Hate Small Dogs, But One Encounter With a Chihuahua Turned His Life Around

4 years ago

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Even a miserable event can actually mark the start of an inspiring story. And Bobby Humphreys is living proof. A competitive bodybuilder and a strictly “big dog guy” astounded everyone around him with a surprising decision that came after a painful time.

Bright Side was curious to know the whole story and now we believe it’s worth spreading.

In a Facebook post, Bobby admits that he has always been a true big dog lover, preferring dogs like Rottweilers and refusing to even consider small breeds. He even used to troll his male friends if they had to walk their girlfriends’ tiny dogs. He really just never gave lap dogs a chance to win him over.

At a different time the picture above might have never have been taken, but as we sometimes say, it was a blessing in disguise. In 2016, his wife suddenly walked out on him after 17 years of marriage. Such abrupt end of his family life led to a deep depression and dark thoughts. He remembered, “This pushed me to the edge. I got weak. I wanted to end it.”

But thankfully he had Connie, she was a friend who was always nearby. She wouldn’t leave his side and helped him through the tough times. Bobby is sure that she showed him what real friendship was about and he felt that he owed her for all the support she gave him.

He got the chance to pay her back soon when she decided to move to a new place where animals were not allowed. So she asked him to watch her dog, a Chihuahua named Lady, for an indefinite period of time.

Bobby confessed that Lady was not exactly somebody he wanted to be near since she didn’t really like people, especially men. And as we already know, he felt the same toward small dogs. But he could not say no to Connie who had helped him so much. So the dog moved in with him.

That day he got home early and was watching TV. Lady was sitting near him in her a kennel, not moving, with the saddest look on her face. In 15 minutes, Humphreys said to himself that it didn’t matter if she was going to bite him. He could not stand watching her be sad.

Connie, who came by later, could not believe her eyes. How on the earth could a dog that hated almost everybody be sleeping peacefully in the lap of this big man? But it happened and it led to a tender friendship. “She showed me a love that I’d never had before. I cannot believe how this little 7 pound beautiful baby stole my heart,” said Bobby.

But he always kept in mind that Lady was not his dog and that their time together would come to an end. That’s why he decided to get his own Chihuahua puppy. The first one was named Kira. He found her on Craigslist and, even though she was not a puppy, he could not leave her in the horrible conditions that he found her in.

And then he found Harley, her sister Quinn, and a lot of other dogs who had different issues and needed rescuing. “So many of these little beautiful babies were abused or taken advantage of and I just couldn’t sit by and watch that happen,” he said.

Bobby’s heart had a room for every Chihuahua in need. He founded Big Guy, Little World Sanctuary, and it required a lot of effort and time. “We rescue Chihuahuas who are living horrible lives, abused, starving, disabled, or have mental issues,” he said. “We either give them a home where they will never have to experience neglect or anything like that again, or we nurse them back to health and adopt them out!”

As you can see there is no need to be a superhero to make someone’s life (even someone small) happier. We hope that this story will inspire you to do something kind every day.

How do you feel about this story? Are there rescuers around you who deserves to be mentioned in the comments? Share this article with a friend who may have lost faith in humanity.


Great story, every dog deserves to be loved. No, every ANIMAL deserves this! :)

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