Black Doesn’t Make You Look Slimmer, Plus 6 More Beauty Beliefs, Debunked

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2 years ago

On average, women spend around $244,000 on beauty products in their lifetime — probably frantically buying creams for dark circles under their eyes or expensive bottles of shampoo. We’ve heard so many beauty myths throughout our lives that we just stopped questioning them. “That’s what my mom/granny/sister told me,” we think.

Bright Side is here to put a “debunked” stamp on these 7 popular beauty myths.

Myth #1: Black makes you look slimmer.

Instead of magically slimming down your shape, black actually does the reverse. It makes you look bigger since the color is still. You also draw attention to what you’re trying to hide since black is actually a bright color. The optical illusion doesn’t work in daylight, so monochromatic clothes don’t help you look slimmer.

Instead, try going for dark greens, navy blue, and gray.

Myth #2: Creams with high SPF protect you better.

Just because the label says SPF 30 doesn’t mean the protection will last 10 hours. You’re likely to fall into the trap and apply sunscreen with the highest SPF only once. In fact, it doesn’t matter how high the SPF level is, sunscreens should be reapplied every 2 hours. If you sweat or swim a lot, you should do it even more often.

Myth #3: Never pop a pimple.

We’ve all heard that popping pimples will only bring on new ones. However, it can benefit your face if you know which pimples to pop and when. Yellow and inflamed ones should be squeezed since it boosts the healing process and releases the bacteria that creates the pressure under your skin.

It’s also advisable to do it with a sterilized pin or a needle. Bear in mind that it’s better to trust a professional with this one as it’s very easy to get an infection or even a scar.

Myth #4: Washing your hair every day is harmful.

Washing your hair every single day is perfectly fine and healthy. Everything depends on your hair type and activity level. What you should not ignore is the ingredients used in your shampoo. Make sure they’re not harsh (containing silicones, panthenol, etc.). You can even use a leave-in conditioner every day after washing your hair.

Myth #5: Drinking water cures dry skin.

Drinking water is not effective, and an excessive amount of it can be the cause of health problems. Your skin is dehydrated not because you don’t drink enough water but because it evaporates from your skin quickly. Good skincare should prevent this from happening and retain moisture for longer periods of time. Products with hyaluronic acid are said to be highly effective and suitable for all skin types.

Myth #6: You can get rid of inherited dark circles.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about inherited pigmentation under your eyes. You might get lots of sleep and lead a healthy lifestyle and still have those dark circles. They might also worsen if you go under sunlight. You can’t get rid of them completely since you’re genetically predisposed to have them, but at least it’s possible to cover dark circles with makeup.

Myth #7: Hair products can cure split ends.

Hair products only offer a temporary solution by gluing hairs together. However, they don’t actually solve the root of the problem. Hair serums and conditioners can make split ends less noticeable and might slow down the process as well. Still, they can’t eliminate the problem completely. Regular hair masks, trimming your tresses, and protecting your hair from direct sunlight should work better.

What other beauty myths have you heard of? Which ones did you manage to debunk in practice on your own?

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