Brendan Fraser Is a Single Father of 3 Boys, and They Are Always His Priority

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Being a single parent is a tough job, but actor Brendan Fraser has some advice to share after over a decade and a half of experience raising his 3 sons. In recent interviews, he opened up about how he navigates life as a single parent, his challenges, and the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.

Brendan Fraser married Afton Smith, and they had 3 children together.


Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith met in 1993 during a barbecue at Winona Ryder’s house. 5 years later, the couple tied the knot, and in the years that followed, they welcomed 3 sons — Griffin Arthur Fraser, born in 2002; Holden Fletcher Fraser, born in 2004; and Leland Francis Fraser, born in 2006.

Fraser became a single dad when he and Smith decided to end their marriage in 2007.


Only one year after their third son was born, the couple decided to divorce and sold their home in California. At the time, Fraser’s publicist revealed that the actor and Smith maintained a close and caring friendship together. The divorce was finalized in 2009, and the ex-couple continued to share custody of their 3 sons.

A big part of taking a step back in his career was because of his kids.

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In a recent interview with Drew Barrymore, who’s also a single parent of 2 girls, Fraser revealed that he took a break from acting because, as a parent, he only wanted to do what was best for his children.

He believes putting kids first should always be a priority.

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The Mummy star shared some wise words of advice for single parents. When asked by Barrymore how he navigated being a single dad to his 3 sons, Fraser emphasized the importance of maintaining a good relationship with one’s partner, even after a separation or divorce. “Have a great relationship with your partner, and that way you’ll never not put your kids first,” he said.

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Fraser knows firsthand how challenging it can be to put your children first while juggling everyday life’s demands. Barrymore admitted that she struggles to make room for anyone besides her children.

Fraser explained that, as he approaches his mid-fifties, he feels like he’s finally coming into his own as a parent, thanks partly to the trials and errors he has experienced over the years. He believes that the mistakes we make as parents ultimately help us grow and become better caregivers.

Fraser’s empowering advice reminds single parents everywhere that they are not alone and that their love and commitment to their children can guide them through even the toughest times.

Fatherhood also impacts how he makes decisions.

Charles Sykes/Invision/East News

“I have kids now, and that really warrants how I make decisions, what I’m going to do — and whatever it is that I’m doing, how I feel about what I’m doing. Somehow stakes get raised to such a point that something that may seem garden variety or ’normal’ takes on much more gravity,” he revealed in a candid interview.

He further expressed that having children has given him a new perspective on his career, noting that he spent the early part of it drawing inspiration from his characters and scripts. Still, fatherhood has added a new layer of authenticity to his work.

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