17 People Whose Hearts Are a Treasure to Humanity

2 years ago

We all sometimes need to unwind with feel-good stories and cheesy pictures. 2 strangers bonding in the airport, volunteers cleaning up tons of garbage, or a celebrity answering fan’s letter — have your pick of stories to brighten your day.

Bright Side lives for people who go out of their way for others and the world around us, so we wanted to tell their stories.

1. “My elderly neighbor has severe depression & will stay in bed for days. I take Petunia over when I know she’s in a slump & that always seems to cheer her up.”

2. “My best bud and I cleaned up a ton of trash today on our day off.”

3. “My daughter loves Luke Skywalker. She wrote a letter to Mark Hamill and he kindly responded. He was a hero to me before but now he has my utmost respect too.”

4. “I grew up without a father. She will not. This is the way.”

5. “Adopted a puppy to help my son with loneliness last year. Best decision ever!”

6. “These are photos of kids from Haiti who we help to fund their school supplies and other little needs. The one in the middle wants to become an architect to help his family.”

7. “Here’s Billie, a little swallow who fell from a tree. We’ll get into the air together!”

8. “This mop is getting made into some decent wigs for kids, thanks to the Little Princess Trust.”

9. Barista cheered up a regular after an operation on their knee with a pun on a cup.

“I had surgery a few days ago to remove a tumor in my knee. Decided today was the day I would walk to my local coffee shop without crutches. Overconfident to say the least as I was in quite a bit of pain by the time I ordered. Nothing like a good pun to lift my spirits for the return trip.” © he_who_w4nders

10. “Just discovered that my grandpa rescued abandoned raccoons.”

11. This woman accidentally reunited with a family who once helped her escape from a bad domestic situation.

“Came to get free lawn clippings for my garden from a stranger and realized that I used to live in this house. I was homeless in high school fleeing a bad domestic situation and an empty nester family took me in, no questions asked, until I graduated and went to college. Generosity juju stayed!” © Lim_er_ick

12. “It’s the little things.”

13. “Older gentleman teaching young man origami with a dollar.”

14. “Here’s my dad with the hawk he rescued and nursed back to health.”

15. “Switches being donated to a children’s hospital from Reddit users.”

“I managed to raise £1535 ($2143) in donations which allowed me to buy 6 Switch Lites, and 24 games to go with them. As well as accessories. The majority being raised by Reddit users. I drop them off at Bristol Children’s Hospital on Friday.” © yusuo85

16. “I’ve had long hair most of my life. Today, I donated 14 inches of my hair to Locks of Love.”


What are your stories of bringing happiness back into someone’s life? Or maybe you were on the receiving end of that?

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit MastadonBob / Reddit


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