Drew Barrymore Talks Openly About the Struggles of Dating as a Single Mother

2 years ago

Charlie’s Angels star Drew Barrymore is a single mother of 2 daughters — Olive and Frankie. After divorcing the father of her children, she’s been struggling to get back into the dating world because her kids are the number one priority to her.

Single parents put their children’s feelings first when they start dating again, and we at Bright Side believe it is no piece of cake. That’s why we decided to share Barrymore’s story and her experience with you.

Drew was married 3 times, but unfortunately, none of her marriages worked.

She married for the first time when she was only 19 years old to Jeremy Thomas, but their union lasted for only 2 months. Her second marriage to comedian, Tom Green, experienced a similar turn of events — after only several months, the couple separated.

Her third marriage was to Will Kopelman, with whom she had 2 daughters. However, their marriage wasn’t smooth, and it ended 4 years later. Barrymore took the breakup very hard, as she wanted her kids to have both a mom and dad that will always be there for them.

Drew’s childhood was not easy, and she tries extra hard to give her kids the things she didn’t have — parents.

Barrymore became famous early on in life when she starred in the movie E.T. However, the fame was not doing her well and she endured a troubled childhood. Sadly, she didn’t have any support from her parents and she was emancipated at the age of 14.

Barrymore certainly had a much different childhood than many other kids out there and, as Drew said, she felt alone. That’s why she tries hard to ensure her kids have 2 parents present in their lives, even though they are not together as a couple.

And Drew believes they both do a great job of putting their kids first and showing solidarity. Even though they are divorced and Will is remarried now, they still gather together for their kids’ birthdays, holidays, and even go on trips together.

Drew believes that she won the lottery with Will’s wife Allie and that she’s going to be an extraordinary stepmother to her kids.

Drew has been single for 6 years now and finds it hard to be back in the dating world.

Barrymore is very careful when it comes to making decisions that could affect her daughters. And in a tearful admission, she revealed that she doesn’t know how to date after having kids. “I think that it would take me a very long time to meet someone and get to know them before I could even ever introduce them to my daughters.”

It took Barrymore 4 long years to get back out there to meet someone. She, however, managed to push through the barrier and went on a few dates over the past couple of years.

She wants to find someone who isn’t interested in marriage or kids.

At this point, Barrymore doesn’t see a reason to tie the knot again with someone else. “I would maybe live with someone again, maybe, but I’ve had kids, and there’s no way. I will never, ever, ever, ever get married.”

If you were a single parent, what do you think would be the most daunting thing to do? And if you are, what struggles have you faced throughout your journey?


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