“Bridgerton” Star Regé-Jean Page Is Officially the Most Handsome Man in the World, According to Science

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Regé-Jean Page, the breakout star of Netflix’s hit period drama, Bridgerton, has been deemed the most attractive man in the world according to science. The 34-year-old actor, who played the Duke of Hastings, was analyzed using the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi and was found to be 93.65% accurate. But don’t worry, other heartthrobs also made it to the list, and maybe your favorite celebrity is one of them.

What is it about Regé’s face that makes him so attractive?

Dr. Julian De Silva, a Harley Street facial cosmetic surgeon, used cutting-edge computerized mapping techniques to compile a list and shared his insights on the actor’s winning features. “Regé won because of his classically beautiful face and gorgeous brown eyes,” said Dr. De Silva. “He had easily the highest score for his eye spacing, and the positioning of his eyes also scored highly.”

His perfectly shaped lips and strong jawline also scored highly.


The only mark he received that was slightly lower was for his nose width and length.

And it’s no surprise that the Bridgerton frontman made the list of the world’s most beautiful faces, as his scenes with co-star Phoebe Dynevor left viewers swooning. But it’s not just his looks that make him attractive, his talent and charisma also play a big role in making him a true heartthrob. With rumors swirling that he may be the next James Bond, it’s clear that Regé’s star power is only continuing to rise.

Do you agree that Regé-Jean Page is the most handsome man in the world?

Preview photo credit JUAN PABLO RICO/AFP/East News, Gary Mitchell / GMP Media / Alamy Stock Photo


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