Bright Side Readers Wondered How They’d Look With Different Facial Features, and the Results Are Creativity at Its Best

2 years ago

Perhaps each of us has once wondered what we’d look like if we changed certain facial features. While changing one’s hair color is easy to do in real life, changing other features like the shape of one’s face or a different jawline seem impossible to do. Luckily, thanks to today’s technology, it’s become possible to try on any image that exists in your head.

We at Bright Side couldn’t resist the temptation to see ourselves and our readers in new looks, and the results are even more stunning than we expected.


“I’d like to see myself with blond hair and a more defined, ’masculine’ nose.”


Here are the changes I’d like to see:

— Long, bushy red hair;

— Blue eyes;

— Eyebrows changed to soft brown;

— Some freckles and rosy cheeks;

— A fairer complexion.

In short, the (stereotypical) Irish version of myself — just do your magic!


“I’d like to see myself with a smoother complexion, purple hair, light grey eyes, and more vivid eyebrows. Also, please remove the beauty mark on my chin and add a piercing to my nose.”


“Can you please make my hair and eyes dark? I’d also like to see my eyebrows wider.”


“Please make my eyes blue and my lips fuller.”


“I’d like to see how I would look with dark blonde hair and freckles.”


“It would be cool to have bigger eyes and change their color to blue. Also, please make my hair blonde.”


“I’d like to see how ombre hair would look on me.”


“I would love to see what I’d look like with a smaller nose, fuller lips, and red hair!!”


“I always wanted to know how I would look with darker hair and bright blue eyes, a smaller nose, and bigger lips.”


“I want to see myself with red hair, green eyes, and a smaller nose.”


“Please make my face slimmer with a nicer jawline, and I would like to know how my hair would look if it were dyed pastel-pink.”


“Add more facial hair, like a nice beard and mustache. Can you also add some eyebrows and a bit longer hair? Make me look brutal like Jason Momoa!”


“I’d like to see myself have mauve-pink hair, grey eyes, and a septum piercing.”


“What would I look like with bigger eyes, more visible eyebrows, and lighter hair?”


“I’ve always wanted to have more voluminous hair, clearer cheekbones, and blue eyes.”

Bonus: We decided to make 2 transformations into one person and can’t decide which looks best.


“I would like to see bright, colorful hair, big green eyes, and a smaller nose.”

“What would I look like with long, curly hair — like the kind Lisa Bonet has — and dark eyes so that Jason Momoa would fall in love with me at first sight?”

Would you like to see yourself in a different look? Please share your photo along with the changes you’d like to see in the comments and we will include you in our next article.

Preview photo credit prideofgypsies / Instagram


I wouldn't mind letting someone to photoshop me a cool mohawk like Punks in 60es had :))))
I really loved that blonde girl with the blue eyes who changed into a brunette with brown eyes. People might think that us blondies love to have blonde light looks all the time. Well, we'd also love to see what dark colors look like for a change ;)

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