Bruce Willis’ Emotional Moment With Demi Moore on His 69th Birthday, and His Family’s Loving Tributes

2 months ago

2 years after his dementia diagnosis, Bruce Willis, the iconic actor and legend, celebrated his 69th birthday on March 19th. His blended family surrounded him with love and shared touching, never-before-seen pictures of Willis that evoke profound emotion. Keep reading to experience them for yourself.

On his 69th birthday, Bruce Willis, father to 5 daughters, celebrated with his blended family.

A year ago, Bruce Willis’ oldest daughter Rumer, 35, was expecting her first child. This year, we got to see the first picture of Bruce and his first-ever granddaughter, Louetta Isley Thomas Willis.

For her father’s 69th birthday, Rumer shared «Oh Daddio, to be loved by you is such a gift. You are the funniest, most tender, charming, out of this world silly talented and magical papa. Looking through these photos this morning I am just filled with the deepest gratitude that we chose to spend this life together.»

Rumer, Bruce and Tallulah Willis

Rumer continued, sharing that although she is his first baby, sometimes she wishes she could be tiny enough to cozy up on his chest again and laugh and cuddle him. «I love you so deep in my bones I don’t know how my muscles hold them. You are the greatest papa I could ever hope for. Thank you for your generosity, your silliness and heart.»

Scout LaRue Willis, 32, the middle daughter of Bruce and Demi, honored her father with a special wish.

The actress shared, «Happy birthday to The King. Wild how so little has changed even though so much has changed.» She expressed how her relationship with her father has evolved into one of her closest friendships, now reaching a deeper level than ever before. Scout cherishes the affection her father shares and the profound sense of freedom with which he has always loved them.

Scout LaRue called her father a tender, moody, beautiful, very Piscean man whose depth of love can only be felt, not articulated. She thanked her community for loving her papa and for sharing the stories of what he means to them.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ relationship after their divorce is a goal for many.

Demi Moore, to whom Bruce Willis was married for 13 years, went on social media and posted 3 sweet images, with a simple and emotional message, «Happy birthday, BW! We love you and are so grateful for you ♥️.» She shared an impactful image of herself sitting on a recliner, by Bruce Willis’s side, holding hands.

Emma Heming Willis, with whom Bruce Willis shares daughters Mabel Ray Willis and Evelyn Penn Willis, did not miss the opportunity to celebrate her husband.

Speaking about Bruce Willis, the model shared that «Being wrapped in his arms is the safest place in the whole wide world. He’s a true gentleman. With so much love to give and share.»

Ever since the Die Hard actor announced his FTD — Frontotemporal dementia diagnosis, his entire family has been supporting him wholeheartedly. Moreover, Emma Heming Willis has been actively raising awareness around the condition. She wants to keep Willis safe and sound, and here’s how she’s doing it.


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