Miley Cyrus Stopped Talking to Her Dad After He Began Dating a Girl Her Age (Whom He Married!)

5 months ago

Miley Cyrus relationship with her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, has seen better days. Miley cut off contact with her dad after she found out he had gotten engaged to someone who’s very close in age to her. Billy, 62, proposed to a woman in her mid-30s, whom he met in an even more shocking place.

Miley’s parents got divorced.

Miley Cyrus’ mom, Tish, decided to split from Billy Ray after almost 30 years of marriage and raising 5 kids together. Now, Miley and Billy Ray aren’t on speaking terms since the ex-spouses called it quits. It seems “irreconcilable differences” were said to be the reason.

Tish found her soulmate.

Miley’s mother got engaged to Dominic Purcell. They’ve been together since November 2022 and aren’t shy about sharing their love on social media. Dominic has 4 kids from his previous marriage. Tish and Dominic’s relationship quickly got serious, and it seems like she’s found happiness with him.

Billie Ray also found his love.

The 62-year-old bounced back swiftly, starting a relationship with a much younger Australian singer Firerose, who’s just 34 years old. The couple officially got engaged in 2024, but it’s where they first met that’s most surprising. It was 2010 and Billy was taking a break with his dog on the set of Hannah Montana, the show the catapulted Miley to stardom, when he first encountered Firerose.

Miley is “shocked and appalled”.

Miley was taken aback when she found out about Billy Ray and Firerose’s relationship. Now that he’s taken it a step further by putting a ring on her finger, it’s even more disappointing for Miley. The singer stopped talking to her father completely.

Miley doesn’t want him to spend money on his wife.

Miley has reportedly been shocked that her father spends too much money on jewelry, designer clothes, luxury spa treatments, and will even buy houses for Firerose. One source claimed, “They love him, but it’s embarrassing to watch him act irresponsibly and spend an absolute fortune on this girl.”

Family feuds exist in every family, and those who are in the spotlight are clearly not an exception. However, a few ordinary folks took to social media to say how it is to be related to someone famous and someone related to Keanu Reeves revealed that his relationship with his own family isn’t great.


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Id be upset too! A stepmom my age? Really Billy Rae? Oh for the love of...... uugh


If Miley wanted to marry someone’s dad, you all would be cheering her on. Idiots.


Billy is an adult with his own money. He can do what he wants with whom he wants! Parents are people too! His kids should want him, and their mother, to be happy.


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