Catherine Zeta-Jones Reveals Honey and Salt Keep Her Skin Youthful at 54

7 months ago

Catherine Zeta-Jones, in her fifties, continues to maintain a youthful appearance with the help of affordable DIY recipes. Her beauty regimen includes simple, homemade treatments that anyone can try, contributing to her timeless and radiant look.

She incorporates natural ingredients like honey and essential oils into her skincare routine, using them as moisturizers and facial masks. Although using essential oils might not be safe for everyone, applying them in moderation might benefit your skin. Through these practices, Catherine Zeta-Jones exemplifies that age is just a number and that looking and feeling youthful is achievable at any stage of life.

She swears by DIY beauty tricks.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a fan of her homemade beauty tricks. She uses honey and salt on her skin to combat wrinkles, and even brushes her teeth with a strawberry. The actress revealed that she believes the key to maintaining her youthful look is not only in her makeup bag but also in her kitchen. She mentions applying a blend of honey and salt all over her body to keep her skin moisturized and exfoliated.

Experts believe using honey for topical application on skin might be beneficial, and the actress claims that washing it off leaves your skin looking fabulous. Honey has unique qualities that make it highly beneficial for cosmetic purposes, including the treatment of acne, scar healing, and skin tone evening. When it comes to topical applications on the skin, raw and unpasteurized honey is considered the most effective option.

She uses strawberries to keep her teeth white.

The famous actress has a unique dental tip involving strawberries. She believes that strawberries and apples are fantastic natural methods for maintaining white and polished teeth. She believes that the secret for her bright smile is the juice or pulp of strawberries that contains malic acid and acts as an astringent, helping reduce surface stains on teeth.

But health experts advise against this method for teeth whitening, as it may not be the safest option. While strawberries can temporarily enhance the appearance of teeth, it’s important to note that the acid they contain is also known for speeding up the breakdown of your tooth’s protective outer layer, essentially negating any whitening effects.

She keeps her skin well hydrated.

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The actress also revealed her fondness for using facial oils. She mentioned that she likes to create her own blends and apply them to her face.

Some essential oils can cause allergic reactions if used improperly, but when applied correctly, essential oils can help dry skin maintain much needed moisture for longer. For example, lavender oil can aid in balancing your skin’s moisture levels. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and serves as a natural hydrator, mending dry skin without leaving it overly greasy. Another oil you can use to hydrate your skin is chamomile oil. It contains azulene which can boost moisture and reduce inflammation.

She uses gentle exfoliators.

To combat any potential greasiness from using oils, Zeta-Jones incorporates a daily exfoliation routine. According to her, she uses a very gentle exfoliating cream or gel daily to remove dead skin cells. However, it’s important to note that for individuals with sensitive skin, exfoliating a few times a week should suffice, as excessive exfoliation could lead to irritation.

Over the long term, exfoliation can boost collagen production, a vital component for achieving a glowing and vibrant complexion. Collagen also supports skin elasticity, reducing the visibility of fine lines and minimizing sagging.

She never forgets her sunscreen.

Known for her timeless beauty, the actress believes that one of her secrets to keeping her skin youthful is diligent sun protection. Despite her love for a sun-kissed glow, she remains committed to safeguarding her skin from the sun’s harsh effects.

Whether you’re planning a sunny afternoon or not, it’s essential to apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen for it to be truly effective. Many of us tend to underapply. It’s crucial for everyone, regardless of their skin color, to apply an ample amount of sunscreen to guarantee comprehensive protection.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been together for over 20 years, even with a notable 25-year age difference. The actress offered intriguing insights into their enduring relationship, sharing a unique and surprising approach to keeping the romance alive. Their strong love and dedication to nurturing their romance help them make their marriage last.

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