Chrissy Teigen Shares Unedited Photos in a Bikini, Sparks Debate About Mom Bodies

2 months ago

Chrissy Teigen, at 38, chose to share unfiltered photos from her family trip to Thailand. The mother of four uploaded several photos where she’s seen wearing a strapless black swimsuit. Mothers across the globe are praising Chrissy for sharing what a real «mom body» looks like.

Chrissy embraced her body.

Chrissy and John have been documenting their family trip to Thailand via a series of photos. In one captivating photo shared by Chrissy, she is seen in a black fringed bandeau swimsuit, cradling her baby Wren. She looks joyful and naturally gorgeous without makeup, proudly showing off her «mom bod.»

Women poured in support for Chrissy.

The public’s reaction to Teigen’s post was heartwarming. A follower expressed, «I feel like this picture is unedited (you look beautiful), but also...thank you!» Teigen, touched by the comment, replied with a «Thank youuu» and a loudly crying face emoji. The sentiment was echoed by many, with comments like, «THANK YOU for posting an honest, real pic of a normal mom body. You look amazing!» and «I wish more people were as real as you! In a world full of fake and filters, I love seeing just how beautiful someone so natural as you are!»

Some also criticized the praise Chrissy was getting, "Imagine posting your vacation photos thinking nothing of it and then all these people start commenting on your body "Thank you for showing a NORMAL body!"...I would be like...what a backhanded compliment. Why do you need to comment on her body at all? Just let her live?" Another agreed, «By saying „thanks for showing a real postpartum body“ is no different than body shaming because it’s saying she’s obviously postpartum, meaning she’s not „fit.“»

Pamela Anderson also made headlines recently for completely ditching makeup and embracing her natural beauty. Check out her photos here.

Preview photo credit chrissyteigen / Instagram


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