Courageous Girl in a Wheelchair Proves Happiness Has No Barriers and We Support Her

2 years ago

Those who have gone through unimaginable hardships in life and still have the courage to smile, be positive and step forward deserve special recognition. One of these people is Chelsie Hill, who went from being a nationally-competitive dancer to being told she won’t ever walk again at the age of 17. Today, Chelsie is 29, recently married, and inspiring the army of people who follow her Instagram account with her unique zest for life.

The way Chelsie accepted her harsh fate and moved on is truly inspiring. Her motto, “Dance is dance whether you’re walking or rolling,” truly inspired all of us here at Bright Side, and it is a true pleasure to share this amazing story with all of you.

Chelsie coped with her disability like a real superhero.

When Chelsie found out she was injured, she had no idea what her life would be like. She didn’t know anyone else with a similar disability like hers and didn’t have anyone to open up to about the struggles she was facing.

However, Chelsie didn’t let those things affect her in the long run and she gave it her best when learning how to be independent again. When we asked Chelsie what the secret was to “getting back on her feet” she answered, “Taking each day at a time is the most important thing you can do and also surround yourself with people who want to support you.”

She found her way back to happiness and always tries to make the best out of any situation.

Chelsie truly believes that re-falling in love with dance is what saved her. “Being a dancer my whole life I didn’t think I would get that back after becoming paralyzed.”

She also gives big credit to her parents as they’ve taught her entire life to always keep a positive attitude.

In an attempt to meet other girls like her, Chelsie founded a wheelchair dancing team.

This courageous and aspirational girl is the CEO and founder of Rollettes — a wheelchair dance team based in LA. She started this project purely because she wanted to make friends but with time it turned into much more than that.

To the question “Can you tell us more about that?” she replied: “We have a women’s empowerment weekend called the Rollettes Experience where women and kids from all over the world come in for dance classes, makeup seminars, PJ parties, a pool party, and so much more. Our goal is to empower women with disabilities to live boundlessly and shift perspective through dance.”

Chelsie feared that after her accident, she wouldn’t find someone who would truly love all of her.

Being in a wheelchair or having any other disability doesn’t make a person less loveable. And Chelsie is living proof of that. Recently she married her boyfriend of 7 years who fully accepts, honors, and adores each and every part of her.

Her whole life she had imagined standing eye to eye with her husband on her wedding day, and she didn’t let her disability interfere with her wish.

For her wedding day, Chelsie prepared a big surprise for her future husband. Despite her disability, Chelsie decided to stand up and walk down the aisle so she could look into her husband’s eyes as they promised their lives to each other.

Chelsie had to work out a lot and she practiced the walk for months. “What many people don’t realize is it’s more upper body strength than leg strength. I balanced completely with my arms and swung my legs forward with each step!”

Even though it was a really hard secret to keep from her boyfriend at the time, she didn’t give up. “It was a moment I will forever be grateful for and I am so lucky to have a man that will love me no matter if I am walking or rolling!”

Do you agree that Chelsie’s positive attitude despite her hardships is something we can all look up to? What lesson did you learn from this life story? Share your answers in the comments.


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