Dad of a Young Girl Shares 20 Simple Yet Important Truths About Upbringing

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3 years ago

Dads who adore their daughters excite internet users everywhere. Michael Mitchell has a blog called Life to Her Years where he gathers other dads' advice. Michael turned the ways of fatherhood into a life philosophy and he inspires a lot of people from all over the world.

Bright Side gathered the most interesting tips about raising kids by Michael Mitchell that can be put to use right now.

20. Let her ride on your shoulders. It's true magic.

Do it now because your back is strong and your daughter is still tiny.

19. Be her hero.

She needs your support all the time, all life long. She'll grow up and start looking for a hero. And you'll probably be her hero. You won't even need to wear a red cloak.

18. Tell her how beautiful she is.

Say it over and over again. One day, popular magazines and Hollywood will try to convince her otherwise.

17. Enjoy each moment spent with her.

Today she wears diapers, tomorrow you give her your car keys, and before you notice, she'll start conquering this world. One day, she'll remember this moment. And that's priceless.

16. Take her fishing with you.

She'll probably wriggle even more than a hooked worm. That's OK.

15. Hug her.

There are not many things that can soothe a crying little girl better than her dad's shoulder. Keep that in mind.

14. Always be with her.

You don't need a strong reason to spend time with your daughter. Be interested in things that she cares about. It's important for her to see that her dad takes part in each moment.

13. One day she'll want to have a puppy.

Don't think about it. Just say "yes" without even thinking at least once in your life.

12. She's as talented as any boy.

Make sure she knows that and keep encouraging her.

11. Yes, you look silly when you play with her.

But you still do it because she needs it.

10. When she learns how to kiss, she'll start kissing all over your face.

Encourage her.

9. She'll always wait for you to come home.

Don't be late.

8. Let her hold the wheel.

She'll always remember that dad let her "steer."

7. Never miss her birthdays.

10 years later, she won't remember what you gave her. But she'll always remember that you weren't there.

6. Her intelligence will help her more than her beauty to accomplish things.

Make sure she knows that.

5. Trust her.

When she gets older, give her more freedom. She'll exceed your expectations.

4. Remember that she's a butterfly that will fly away one day.

Enjoy the years when she's still a "caterpillar."

3. Don't worry about Christmas and birthday presents.

Give her moments that you both can share.

2. Take her camping.

Show her this giant world. Take a look at her eyes full of astonishment when she sees its beauty for the first time.

1. Fatherhood is your main duty.

Your favourite teams, career, TV, and hobbies won't disappear. But your daughter will grow up and enter her own life. Keep your priorities in mind.

And here is Michael Mitchell and his adorable daughter.

Which tips did you like the most? Do you have anything to add to this list devoted to a father's love?


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