Donnie Wahlberg Is Raising His Autistic Stepson as His Own After His Biological Father Left Him Due to the Diagnosis

Donnie Wahlberg, best known as a member of the boy band, New Kids on the Block, is a man of many talents. Outside of music, he regularly appears in movies and TV shows and produces records and films. Wahlberg, a man with a big heart famous for his charity work, found happiness in his personal life in his forties. He is happily married to Jenny McCarthy, and his special bond with her son, Evan, touches us to the core.

Jenny McCarthy faced her son’s unexpected diagnosis like a fighter, but her first husband ended things over it.

Jenny McCarthy, an actress, model, and TV host, welcomed her only son, Evan, and her then-husband, John Asher, in 2002. When the boy was 3 years old, he developed seizures and other alarming symptoms. And one time, the boy even experienced temporary cardiac arrest. Evan was given different diagnoses, but in the end, it was revealed that he had autism.

“From that day on, I was not who I was before,” McCarthy said, opening up about her reaction. She began her courageous fight to give Evan a better future. McCarthy spent countless hours visiting doctors and searching for any information that could be of help. This led to growing tension between the actress and her husband. Asher got angry after being pushed aside, and finally, the couple divorced.

“It took 45 years for me to find you,” said Donnie Wahlberg about meeting McCarthy after all his ups and downs.

When he first met McCarthy in 2012, Wahlberg had already been through marriage and divorce. He shares 2 sons, Xavier and Elijah, with his ex-wife, Kimberly Fey. Wahlberg caught feelings for McCarthy at first sight but didn’t make any moves until they met again on the Jenny McCarthy Show a year later.

He asked her out, and they soon understood that their relationship was not just a fleeting romance. In 2014, Wahlberg decided it was time to tie the knot.

Wahlberg became a loving stepfather.

Wahlberg quickly managed to find a common language with Evan. The proud stepdad willingly shared his feelings about the special bond between them. He explained that he managed to find unique ways to connect with Evan. The actor likes how their blended family with 3 sons spends time together.

McCarthy said unconditional love is the key to this healthy and supportive relationship. She opened up about how she found the soulmate every single mom with children dreams of. The actress pointed out that she met her “Romeo,” who loved her and was there to meet Evan’s special needs.

Evan helped Wahlberg to propose McCarthy.

Evan eagerly helped Wahlberg to arrange a surprise proposal for McCarthy. The 3 shared one of the most precious moments together when the boy handed the cards with the words “will,” “you,” and “marry” over to his mother at Wahlberg’s request. Later, Evan was entrusted with another special mission — he led his mother down the aisle.

The actor managed to stay close to Evan through the years.

In 2019, McCarthy shared a touching story of a Christmas gift she got from her husband. She felt overwhelmed when Wahlberg announced that he would cover Evan’s college tuition.

Evan grew up, and now, thanks to his mother’s efforts, autism does not affect his life as much as in childhood. He enjoys a loving atmosphere and a great relationship with his stepdad. In 2022, on Evan’s twentieth birthday, Wahlberg shared his smiling photo and called him “an awesome stepson.”

What is the most wonderful thing you are grateful to your parents for? Tell us in the comments!


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