Friends With Different Body Shapes Created 10 Identical Looks, and We Can’t Tell Who Looks Better

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4 years ago

Stylists recommend choosing clothes based on your body type: hourglass, pear, apple, diamond, and so on. But clothes are not sorted in real stores according to these types. There are only pants, dresses, and other pieces of clothes in different sizes. So maybe the secret is not about the type of body you have, but about your fashion sense and your ability to combine clothes?

We at Bright Side decided to do an experiment and check to see if it’s possible to find exactly the same great outfits for girls of different body shapes: size 6 and size 12.

1. Pay attention to the position of the pants. They have to start at the biggest part of the belly — this is how you hide the extra weight.

There is a reason why we chose these bright shoes: it is supposed to attract attention to the naked part of the narrowest part of the leg.

2. A long dress or shirt can create a vertical line and stretch the body visually. But the modern trend for oversized clothes can ruin your look and make you look bigger than you are.

3. A denim jacket or a leather jacket makes you look younger and diverts attention from the places you might not want to show off.

If part of your outfit is very patterned, the top should be a solid that is not too loose or too tight, but exactly your size.

4. Whatever is revealed, attracts attention. So the most important thing is not to hide all your flaws, but more so to show all your attractive parts.

The shorter sleeves make us look slimmer.

5. Highlight your waist with a belt and wear a dress that is long enough to hide the thickest part of your calves.

6. Short pants make you look slimmer. When the narrowest part of the leg is revealed, it makes you look lighter.

7. Try an outfit with a white T-shirt and something modern on the bottom. If it’s a skirt, it has to be an A-line with a belt.

8. Choose simple coats instead of short jackets in order to create a vertical line.

9. Buy simple solid blouses and shirts, instead of bright cotton or knitted clothing.

10. An elongated jacket is a magic wand for many situations. It hides a lot of flaws on the body and makes your look more modern.

Take a look — in our case, the differences in our bodies are not very easy to see now.

Our conclusions

  • Our experiment demonstrated that clothing designers know what they are doing: different sizes of the same clothes are absolutely necessary, because you can combine a great look for many different body shapes.
  • Most of the body shape correction tips from stylists are really effective.
  • When choosing clothing, we should concentrate on our advantages rather than our disadvantages. We should look for ways to demonstrate our strengths.
  • The checkered suit was our favorite. When tried it on, we were shocked: we didn’t even see that we were wearing different sizes. We realized that the biggest mistake many girls make is that they are afraid of wearing big clothes.
  • Following all the fashion trends can be dangerous for your look. The trendy oversized dress wasn’t good for either of us.
  • When there is a little bit of room between the clothes and the body, we look slimmer.
  • Forget about black making you look slimmer. Experiment with color, styles, prints, and accessories.

In your opinion, did we manage to find outfits that looked great on both of us? Do you know of any tricks that can help to hide flaws in your body’s shape?


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When I was younger I used to do this with one of my best friend. Such great moments ?


Thanks for the tips! I'm gonna share these tips with my best friend.. I love wearing the same clothes as her


haha yes I love to wear bigger clothes so it hides some of the extra package I'm carrying :p


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