Get Christmas Delivered Straight to Your Home With These Holiday Decorations on Sale on Amazon

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The Christmas season is associated with endless spending, which, according to calculations, is increasing every year. If you’re planning to brighten up your home this year, why not save some money with Amazon discounts? We’ve rounded up some great deals on popular decor items, so you can optimize your budget!

1. Waterproof flameless candles for the safe realization of the most daring ideas.

These LED candles are battery-powered and will last over 60 hours. You can put them in a vase of water or any other container of water, and it won’t hurt them. The candles will provide you with a cozy light without the risk of fire or odors!

2. High-quality and eco-friendly kraft paper with a cool festive design

Spend the evening wrapping gifts in this chic paper and get in the Christmas mood! It is made from durable recycled kraft paper, and is 100g/m2 thick, making it tear-resistant when folded and packaged. There are many patterns to choose from!

3. Glass balls for decoration that can be filled according to your mood.

Create your own Christmas compositions inside each ball, or just put candles from #1 inside. These versatile holders are sure to spark your creative inspiration! In one package, you will receive 12 balls and the same number of festive twine cords for hanging them anywhere.

4. Flameless candles to decorate the Christmas tree, like in the good old days

The set includes 4 battery-powered candles, a remote control with 10 keys, and batteries for both the candles and the remote control. The realistic flickering flame effect will create a cozy atmosphere in a retro style. You can also set a flicker-free bright mode.

5. Garland curtain with remote control for decorating an entire window or wall

This curtain measures 3 meters x 3 meters and fills the room with 300 LED lights. 8 lighting modes, adjustable brightness, and a remote control will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere. The versatile and safe USB cable can be conveniently connected to a standard power supply. And with the timer function, the lights will turn on automatically every day!

6. Unbreakable Christmas tree decorations in popular red and gold colors

Bask in these luxurious red and gold designs that were inspired by vintage Christmas motifs. Each Christmas ball is blown and then hand-painted! Made from durable plastic, these ornaments won’t break, which is perfect for families with kids and pets.

7. Wooden candle holder with flameless LED candles and 10 design options

This exquisite candle bridge is a Christmas classic and depicts a cozy winter scene. Traditional wood finishes create a decoration that blends seamlessly into the interior. You will need 3 AAA batteries to light these candles.

8. Solar-powered outdoor Christmas lights to save electricity

Super bright LEDs will light up your home from every angle! The flexible wire and waterproof design allow you to decorate your yard and façade safely.

Choose the color of the lights according to your taste: yellow, white, blue, or multicolored. 6-8 hours of charging with sunlight will allow the garland to work up to 12-14 hours. The lights will turn on automatically thanks to solar sensors.

9. A set of 4 decorative Christmas-themed pillowcases to create a seasonal mood in your living room.

These pillow covers are made of eco-friendly and durable material. The colorful colors of the textiles can instantly transform the atmosphere of your room. Sealed seams and hidden zips give the pillows a neat look.

10. The LED street fringe garland will save electricity.

These warm white Christmas lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting. A main-powered safety outlet provides extra-low voltage to string lights. So you can use them without the risk of electric shock! They consume up to 85% less electricity.

11. Waterproof icicle garland with remote control will create a Christmas mood not only for you but for anyone who passes by.

LED icicle lights have 8 lighting modes and a memory function. Just choose your favorite mode, and the memory chip will save the last mode setting, so you won’t need to reset it every time. Turn on the timer to make your house light up at the right time, even when you’re not home!

12. Plush Christmas gnomes will create a fairytale vibe in your home.

These cute toys are perfect for decorating tables, windowsills, mantels, and any other empty surfaces in the house. Santa’s little helpers are sure to be great for kids!

In what style do you decorate your house for Christmas? Share a photo of your holiday atmosphere!

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