Helen Mirren, 78, Defies Aging With a Bold Hair Change, but It’s Not Her First Time

5 months ago

Dame Helen Mirren keeps slaying the style game, and she just turned heads at Paris Fashion Week. Strutting down the catwalk for the L’Oréal Paris Spring/Summer 2024 show, she rocked a wild crimped hairstyle. But while many praised her new hairdo, others were a bit puzzled by her choice.

L’Oréal Paris featured a star-studded runway with celebrities of all ages and body types, promoting inclusivity.

Did you catch the L’Oréal show at Paris Fashion Week this year? It was a star-studded affair, not just in terms of fashion. From Andie MacDowell to Eva Longoria, it was like a parade of A-listers strutting their stuff and entering a whole new glitzy dimension.

With an understated approach to accessories, Mirren paired her breathtaking ensemble with strappy metallic gold heels, letting her gown take center stage. Both actresses Andie MacDowell and Helen Mirren confidently displayed their natural hair, embracing the authenticity and freedom of being themselves.

Shootpix/ABACA/Abaca/East News

But here’s the cherry on top — captured on video, L’Oréal Paris celebrated the essence of sisterhood and empowerment as Mirren and Elle Fanning walked hand in hand down the runway. L’Oréal Paris captioned the video, writing, “Queens Elle Fanning and Helen Mirren walking their worth down the runway embodying sisterhood through the ages.”

They strolled hand in hand, looking bold and bright, and then Mirren took a solo walk to show off her look. She’s 78, but age is just a number for her.

Mirren stole the show with her daring hair transformation.

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Let’s be honest, the real scene-stealer of the night was none other than Helen Mirren, the ultimate L’Oréal Paris ambassador. She rocked the runway with a bang. Mirren fully embraced the glitz and glam by slipping into this dazzling silver Elie Saab gown.

Mirren is famous for her dazzling transformations on both the runway and the red carpet, and her recent strut at Paris Fashion Week was no exception. As a L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador, she rocked a fabulous silver off-the-shoulder gown and sported some seriously volumized crimped platinum blonde hair.

Her Elie Saab dress looked like a disco ball, with floor-length sleeves that had stylish slits to show off her arms. Her shimmering hair perfectly matched the vibe, styled with loads of volume and a kind of effortlessly tousled frizz that trailed behind her as she sashayed down the runway. Keeping it simple in the accessory department, she rocked a pair of eye-catching metallic, strappy gold heels. At 78, Dame Helen Mirren proved we can rock the runway at any age and time.

Secrets to Mirren’s timeless beauty

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

Undoubtedly, as she embraces the passing years, the L’Oréal ambassador radiates an even greater glow, and she attributes this heightened radiance to the confidence that naturally accompanies aging.

She remarked, “Your life as you get older gets fuller. You get wiser too, inevitably, because you know more stuff.”

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

Aside from her undeniable beauty, Mirren places great importance on self-care, emphasizing a balanced approach. While staying active is a key pillar of maintaining good health, she cautions against excessive exercise, which can have unintended consequences for the body. Mirren opts for low-impact workouts over strenuous gym sessions, advocating for a gradual approach to exercise.

She advises, “My thing with exercise is start really easy, just so you only do three sit-ups, you know? Then do 4 next week and the next week do 5. Start really easy.”

She loves showcasing her wild hairstyles and amazes everyone with them.

Mirren is no stranger to the runway when it comes to promoting the beauty brand. In 2021, the “Queen” actress strutted her stuff in front of the Eiffel Tower, sporting a messy updo and striking black cat-eye makeup. This silver-haired star is known for her adventurous approach to hairstyles and colors.

In May, at the Cannes Film Festival 2023, Mirren turned heads by matching her baby blue hair to her gown, showcasing a funky updo featuring a mix of vibrant hues. For this reason, Mirren’s recent hair transformation followed her striking appearance with a towering blue updo at the Cannes Film Festival. Her ability to seamlessly switch between hair colors is facilitated by her natural shade of frosty gray, which she wholeheartedly embraces. Earlier this year, she sported a similar platinum shade at the premiere of Golda.

In 2021, she spoke to Vogue about her transition to gray hair, describing it as “easy” for her. She explained, “My hair was always blonde. I was a natural blonde, and although it was quite dark at times, in the summertime when I’d spent time in the sun, it would basically go white. So the process of losing the color of my hair was very easy — it just looked more and more as if I had been in the sun but year-round.”

Time has also imparted a valuable lesson to Mirren, emphasizing the importance of allowing women to express their beauty and style freely, just as they desire. She remarked, “I don’t think there should be any rules, and luckily, there are less and less.” Mirren highlighted how women in the past were constrained by a multitude of rules, but thankfully, trailblazers like Madonna have reshaped this landscape. The 78-year-old actress noted, “All rules are made to be broken.”

Helen Mirren is not afraid of aging or “exaggerating.” Here’s her recipe for staying healthy and keeping her youth.

Preview photo credit Shootpix/ABACA/Abaca/East News, Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News


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