Helen Mirren Revealed Her Recipe for Youth That She’s Used for Over 50 Years, and You Can Try It Too

5 months ago

Helen Mirren is looking gorgeous at 78, and guess what? She’s sharing her top-notch tips on staying fabulous and feeling fantastic. So, if you’re wondering how she does it, here’s the lowdown: from treating herself to some not-so-healthy food now and then to keeping it chill with a relaxed exercise routine, Helen’s all about savoring every second of life.

She keeps her beauty routine simple.

You don’t need a fancy and complicated beauty routine to keep your skin looking great, and Helen Mirren is all about keeping it simple when it comes to taking care of her skin. She said, “I take my makeup off with a cleanser, then splash my face with water before wiping everything away with a flannel. In my bathroom at home, you’ll find a big pile of flannels (about 10), all stacked by the sink because I use one and then put it straight in the wash.”

Her diet is healthy, but not strict.

Staying healthy is super important for your general wellness, and Helen Mirren agrees with that. But you know what? She’s also down for some occasional indulgence in not-so-healthy food. “Take control of your diet and find what makes you feel good. I’m the first one at the fish and chips, but what you’re putting inside your body does influence how you feel about yourself, so start there,” she said.

Her fitness routine is not complicated.

Scott Garfitt / Invision / AP / East News, Joel C Ryan / Invision / AP / East News

Helen Mirren’s following this go-to 12-minute military-style workout that’s old-school but effective. In an interview with Hello magazine, Helen explained her routine, saying, “I do a thing that leads me into exercise. It is the Royal Canadian Air Force exercise plan. Has charts you follow. Each day, you have to do the exercises within 12 minutes, and until you can, you can’t move up.” Back in the 1950s, the Canadian military came up with this fitness plan. It’s all about using your body weight for exercises like push-ups, jumping high, and sitting-ups. The goal was to build up your strength and flexibility.

She’s never undergone any plastic surgery procedures.

These days, a growing number of celebrities are saying “nah” to those crazy beauty expectations. And Helen Mirren is totally on board with this trend. She’s all about keeping it real when it comes to beauty. “I’m old! And I look it. And that’s just fine. Obviously, I try to look as nice as I can. And yes, if I could, of course, I’d love to look 20 years younger, but I just don’t, and I never will. I’m not staying young, nobody does,” she explained.

Helen Mirren shows us that looking after yourself is super important, and she’s living proof that love ain’t got no expiration date: Helen tied the knot and said “I do” when she was 52.

Preview photo credit Scott Garfitt / Invision / AP / East News, Joel C Ryan / Invision / AP / East News


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