Here’s How Long It Takes a Couple to Start Doing Different Things in Front of Each Other

3 years ago

While in a relationship, you may have wondered if you were “at that level” with them, meaning you could do things like leave your toothbrush at your partner’s apartment or ask to have a bite of food off their plate. It may be a little tricky and even awkward at times, especially if you’re just getting to know each other and aren’t used to talking openly about the relationship.

Trying to guess what’s in the other person’s mind is a pretty tough task. But there’s no need to do that since Bright Side has you covered. We’ve found an interesting survey that reveals just how much time, on average, both men and women need to start doing different things in front of each other.

How long into a relationship do you think it’s appropriate to...

Meet your partner’s friends: 4 months

Start sharing food: 4 months

Go makeup-free in front of your partner: 5 months

Leave a toothbrush at your partner’s home: 6 months

Ask to share their streaming accounts: 9 months

Stop shaving: 12 months

Stop dressing to impress your partner: 12 months

Go through your partner’s phone: 12 months

Ask for a key to your partner’s home: 12 months

Put on weight: 15 months

As it turns out, women need more time to reach the next level in a relationship.

Both men and women have quite similar time expectations about the first few couple milestones. Both genders need about 6 months before meeting each other’s families and 9 months before going on a vacation together.

But afterward, girls slow down. They need about 17 months to move in together (while men need 15 months), 22 months to get engaged (men need 19 months), and 2 years and 9 months to get married (while men are ready to get married after 2 years and 5 months in the relationship).

The most annoying habits in a partner

Men hate it most when their partner:

  • Lies (noted by 50% of men)
  • Nags (according to 46% of the men)

Women hate it most when their partner:

  • Lies (noted by 62% of women)
  • Ignores her (according to 44% of women)
  • Goes out a lot (according to 42% of women)

Do you agree with the survey? After how much time in a relationship do you introduce your partner to your friends?


at what point is it actually ok to be going through her phone! like this is not ok at any point. borrow yes, go through? no!

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