Hilary Swank, 48, Gets Ready for Birth and Shares the Sweetest Insight

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6 months ago

With less than a month left before the arrival of her twins, Hilary Swank is enjoying every precious moment of her pregnancy. The 48-year-old recently shared an ultrasound of her ’’Baby A’’ in an adorable position, and she had the sweetest thing to say about it.

She gave us a glimpse into her pregnancy.

Hilary Swank’s twins are expected to be born on April 16, which will give them the same birthday as her late father, Stephen. And as she excitedly awaits the big day, the actress shared an ultrasound pic of one of her babies.

She captioned the photo, ’’Baby A flexing for the camera at their ultrasound. #TheRealMillionDollarBaby #Prizefighter.’’ The hashtag ’’Million Dollar Baby’’ is, of course, a reference to the acclaimed film that got her an Acadamy Award for Best Leading Actress back in 2005.

The heartwarming post soon garnered thousands of reactions and sweet comments from Swank’s fans as well as other famous stars.

Sharon Stone wrote, ’’Omg,’’ along with a bunch of laughing emojis and a red heart. Actress Vivian Wu commented, ’’And you have 2!!!’’ and congratulated Swank once again and sent her ’’lots of love.’’

Philip Schneider was ’’the one’’ for her.


Baby A and Baby B will be Swank’s and husband Philip Schneider’s first children.

Swank was previously married to actor Chad Lowe for 10 years until they divorced in 2007. And just 5 months before meeting Schneider on a blind date in 2016, she had ended her engagement to former professional tennis player Ruben Torres.

Swank and Schneider, who are also known as ’’Philary,’’ tied the knot in August 2018, and the Oscar winner gushed about her husband, calling him ’’the man of my dreams.’’

She always wanted to be a mom.

Swank shared that motherhood has been on her mind since she was a young girl, but she noted, ’’All the elements need to come together and be right.’’

And it seems that her journey to becoming a mom was worth the wait. A few months ago, the 48-year-old broke the news of her pregnancy on TV, and she was obviously beaming with happiness.

She announced, ’’This is something that I’ve been wanting for a long time, and my next thing is I’m gonna be a mom.’’ The star then excitedly added, ’’I’m going to be a mom. And not just of one, but of 2. I can’t believe it.’’


This is so heartwarming and sweet that she's been sharing her journey with everyone. I'm truly happy for her and her husband. I'm a little surprised that she hasn't had them early yet but I would still not really expect her to make it to her due date. I haven't personally seen many twin births make it to the due date but every day closer is better for them. I can't wait to see how they're doing after they arrive and how incredibly happy that she and her husband are then. Sending them vibes of good health and wishing them the best.

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