A French Boy, 9, Lived Alone for 2 Years, Fed Himself and Kept Good Grades

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5 months ago

Recent news about a brave 9-year-old boy, who was left by his mom all alone in a house, has shaken the world. While so many people are fuming about the fact that the boy’s mother appeared to be so negligent about her own kid, there’s one detail that adds an optimistic note to this tear-jerking story. The maturity of a 9-year-old, who was able to care for himself and even excel at school, is a real subject for admiration for us all.

A 9-year-old survived alone for 2 years.

A young French boy survived all by himself from when he was 9 to when he turned 11, and a single adult didn’t notice his terrible situation. According to the major news outlets, “nobody noticed anything,” even the staff at boy’s school, where the brave kid was known as a very good pupil.

The neighbors of the abandoned child didn’t notice that he had been left home alone, for a big period of time. They were sure that the boy’s mom was around him, even though they did bring him food sometimes.

In an interview, a next-door neighbor said, “For me, it was normal, his mother was waiting for him at home. I had no idea that he was alone at home.” The news also reported that the lonesome boy mostly fed himself with cake and cold canned food.

The resilient child would also reportedly get tomatoes from the neighbor’s balcony. The boy would also spend a lot of time without heat or electricity and slept under three duvets. Sometimes, he would even wash himself with cold water.

The boy’s mother was living nearby all this time.

The boy’s mother lived with her boyfriend a few kilometers away and would visit her child on occasion. She used her food stamps, given to her by their local social welfare agency, to buy her son cakes and biscuits from the grocers. But the woman, 39, never stayed the night.

The boy’s father was absent from the family, having separated from his mother when he was young. Even the phone data showed that the mother rarely visited the flat and didn’t accompany her son to and from school, which was a few kilometers away.

After the boy was taken into social services and placed in a foster home, his mom was granted visitation rights, but she has only seen her son twice. Her son, however, has no interest in seeing his mother anymore.

People weren’t alarmed when it all started, because of how well the boy looked after himself.

Despite his living conditions, the news reported that the boy still attended school and even received good grades.

The boy’s fellow students didn’t suspect anything either, thinking he was just a solitary child. As one of them said, “He told friends that he ate alone and took the bus alone. He didn’t go out, he stayed at home.”

Only after some time, worried neighbors called the police and the officials stepped in. “I met his mom in May 2022,” Mayor Barbara Couturier told in an interview. “She came to tell us that she had financial problems, and we gave her four vouchers for food, but she took some processed food products instead, so that got me suspicious. Some residents told me that there was a child living alone, so I connected the two things and I called the local police and the national police.”

The boy is now progressing “favorably”, and is known for his “maturity and resilience.”

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Preview photo credit Garrett Jackson / Unsplash


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