How 11 Celebrities Have Changed Over Decades of Fame

10 months ago

Angelina Jolie, Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton — all of these celebrities used to regularly be on our TV screens and the reason we’d gossip almost every day. Time flies, they get older and mature but still, we continue to love and remember them.

We at Bright Side never get tired of following our favorite celebs and want to share how 11 of them have changed over the decades.

1. Angelina Jolie and James Haven

2. Charlie Sheen

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

4. Olivia Wilde

5. Josh Hartnett

6. Matthew Broderick

7. Denise Richards

8. Jake Gyllenhaal

9. Robbie Williams

10. Kirsten Dunst

11. Paris Hilton

Which celebrity almost hasn’t changed, even after decades? Who is your favorite celebrity?

In a comparison of beauty standards, Angelina Jolie stands as a modern icon, yet the allure of 20th-century actresses like Claudia Cardinale remains undeniable. This highlights the evolving perceptions of beauty and the ongoing conversation about body image in the media.


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