22 Times the Universe Was a Box of Infinite Wonders

2 years ago

A massive pirate ship crossing your way, purple skies that look like it’s doomsday, or plants with surrealistic shapes and colors — no, these aren’t scenarios out of one of Tim Burton’s new movies, it’s just the universe, with a little human help, playing tricks on us.

Bright Side gathered the most unique situations and coincidences that people found. Get ready to be as impressed as we were.

1. ’’My orange had a mini orange growing inside.’’

2. “My coffee looks like Jupiter.”

3. “My belly button makes a perfect spiral.”

4. “I found a pigeon with one feather sticking out of its head.”

5. “I found glacier water so clear, you can barely see it.”

6. “There was a massive pirate ship driving around my neighborhood.”

7. “This group we came across in a forest, casually hiking in medieval outfits”

8. “My wife and I had plane snacks that matched our books on our way to our honeymoon.”

9. “Our cookout was interrupted by a bear who sat just like a human at the picnic table while he finished off our food.”

10. “In Wyoming, there are some huge snowdrifts. I’m 6’1” (1.85 m) for scale."

11. “This house looked disapprovingly buck-toothed.”

12. “A rabbit photobombed my picture of the dessert I made.”

13. “I opened my can of soup and none of it stuck to the lid.”

14. “A cast-iron cauldron I found buried in my forest”

  • “Wow, that is cool! Until WW2, cast iron washpots like this one were extremely valuable wedding gifts to new married couples. They were sometimes the most valuable possession a family had.” Quint27A / reddit

15. “My new sandal has a built-in bottle opener.”

16. “We had purple clouds yesterday!”

17. “This giant dandelion I found on my walk today”

18. “This rainbow vine started growing in my backyard.”

19. “I’m making jam today and I found this extra strawberry.”

20. “My cat’s paws make a heart when put together.”

21. “Got to visit Dad today.”

22. ’’This ancient Roman statue looks just like me.’’

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve ever come across?

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit _Ineption / reddit


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#11 is a pure luck. He should've went to get a lottery ticket


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