19 Pictures That Captured the Very Moment When Life Started Getting Kind of Weird

2 years ago

Our day-to-day lives can go by with total normality and nothing around us seems to anticipate that this is going to change. Yet it happens. The way in which an object is casually placed, a light illuminates an area that was dark, or 2 people strangely alike crossing paths on any given day — everything comes together for a few seconds to reveal something to us: reality, sometimes, becomes very strange.

At Bright Side, we are very attracted to these kinds of strange coincidences, so we went out looking for them and put together this list to share here with you.

1. “This pressure washer looks like Mike Wazowski.”

2. 3 arms or a skilled contortionist?

3. “Great legs...”

4. “These insect eggs look like little smiley faces.”

5. “The way the light hits this spider web makes it look like a CD.”

6. “I told them I took pictures of UFOs.”

7. “She has no problem reaching the top shelf.”

8. “This doggo has a nice set of teeth.”

9. “This pic of my wife and me looks like 2 pictures put together.”

10. “It’s 11 p.m. and the sky looks like it’s melting.”

11. “A bar towel that looks like a horse”

12. “The reflection of the fireplace makes it look like this car is on fire.”

13. “There was a glitch in the Matrix today.”

14. “The way the mud froze on my truck looks like a painting of a forest.”

15. “The crack on my wife’s windshield looks like an airplane from the front.”

16. “You may now kiss the father of the bride...”

17. “This painting in a waiting room is the same print as my phone case.”

18. “Sometimes after a hike our feet get confused.”

19. Puppy hugging a pillow?

When was the last time a strange coincidence made you see reality in a completely different way? Do you have photos to share with us? We’re waiting for them!

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!


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no: 8 The pupper also has a black kitten on his back and the fur blends beautifully together...lol


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