Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox Are Unlikely Best Friends, Proving That the Most Beautiful Relationships Can Be the Most Surprising

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Friendships are some of the most vital and special relationships in our lives, and we are all happier when surrounded by good companions. Some friends we meet through work or school, but sometimes these relationships can spring from an unlikely source. No one knows this better than the famous actress, Courteney Cox, who has a surprising but beautiful friendship with musician Ed Sheeran.

At Bright Side, we want to celebrate the importance of loving friendships in all of our lives by sharing the story of how this unlikely duo blossomed.

An introduction by a mutual friend turned into a surprise sleepover.

Ed Sheeran was introduced to the Friends star in 2013 when he was 22 after a mutual friend introduced them to each other at Courteney Cox’s (who was 49 at the time) house. Naturally, the musical Sheeran picked up a guitar and wowed the guests with a few songs. Cox then said that he was welcome to sleep over at her place anytime. He ended up staying the night, as he lived quite far away.

He ended up staying with her for months.

He returned a few months later and took her up on her offer. Sheeran stayed in Cox’s Malibu home for 3 months while he was writing a new album. She was even so kind as to not ask him to pay rent! He instead repaid the favor by doing housework, like making the bed and preparing cups of tea.

The pair became close friends while living together, and now, every time Sheeran goes to Los Angeles, he stays with Cox.

They know how to have fun together.

They definitely know how to let loose and have fun playing music together, doing dances, and playing pranks on each other around the house. When the Friends: The Reunion aired, Sheeran and Cox celebrated together in their own special way — by recreating a dance from the show, which Cox’s character Monica did with Ross.

Their friendship has led to great personal and professional success.

Not only did Ed Sheeran’s second album, which he wrote at Courteney Cox’s house, help elevate his career, but she even sang backup vocals on his albums, Equals, and Divide. Sheeran also changed Cox’s personal life for the better by introducing her to musician Johnny McDaid, who became her fiancé.

Cox assured that Sheeran would play at their wedding. “We are certainly grateful to Ed for introducing us. I can’t imagine him not playing something at the wedding. It’ll be a musical night.” Sheeran remains humble about his matchmaking role: “It’s just 2 people who fell in love, and I hope they’re really happy.”

They appreciate each other’s good qualities.

Now close friends, the duo is quick to show their appreciation for each other. Cox has described Sheeran as an “authentic, down-to-earth, uber talented, kind friend.” And Sheeran agrees, saying, “She’s really normal...everyone she surrounds herself with is the same. They give you faith in everything.”

Do you have any surprising or unlikely friendships? What do you value most in a friend? Share your stories in the comments!


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